We staff your law firm with the top 1% of international full-time virtual assistants.

You didn’t go to law school to constantly be overworked and overwhelmed. Find out what it feels like when you finally have the resources to be able to pursue your passions.

  • Reception
  • Intake
  • Executive/Personal Assistants
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Assistant
  • Happiness Director

  • Video Coordinators
  • Social Media Coordinators
  • Copywriters/Graphic Designers

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Our mission at Get Staffed Up is simple: to help lawyers “Delegate Your Way to Freedom ℠”!

About Us

Although we are licensed attorneys, we are entrepreneurs at heart and believe that ingenuity in the free market is the backbone of our economy. After all, where else can you start a business for almost nothing, where the only limit on your success is self-imposed? Entrepreneurship is supposed to be fun, and extremely rewarding. However, after building several multiple million-dollar companies helping and advising other business owners, we found two common themes that prevented business owners from getting ahead and enjoying owning a business: low margins and labor costs (which turns out to be the same problem).

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