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The CEO Process Podcast


The CEO Process Podcast featuring Get Staffed Up's CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly.

On May 23rd, 2021, we were honored to be featured on The CEO Process Podcast. Hosted by Michael Olivieri and Jonathan Pazienza. The podcast focuses on helping people achieve their business dreams by creating a vision in their minds. They believe in making champions and are not discouraged by hurdles, rather face them bravely to achieve their goals. Both hosts are entrepreneurs, successful business owners, and the MFCEO of their own lives. 

In this amazing episode, Michael and Jonathan discuss the key to finding a successful virtual assistant with the co-founder of Get Staffed Up, Brett Trembly. Brett starts by reviewing some of the important lessons he learned in the early stages of his career. For example, Business is supposed to be fun, but when you’re too stressed worrying about performance and spending time doing mundane tasks you stop enjoying it. Having a virtual assistant (VA) can take so much off your plate and let you stop focusing on the $10 per hour tasks, and rather focus on the $100 or $1,000 per hour tasks. Resulting in growing your business happily.

Hire Top Quality VAs

Michael and Jonathan were curious about the process to find the best VA. Thereafter, Brett went through a very specific hiring system built to find top-quality assistants around the globe. Some of the steps include tests, personality checks, writing essays, and interviews. Therefore, out of 100,000 applicants, Get Staffed Up hires and places 500 virtual assistants with top attorneys and business owners. 

Lastly, they realized that who you delegate to is even more important than what you delegate. When hiring a VA, one needs to put the effort and time first to set up a tracking system, such as scorecards with repetitive tasks, and once it is done it will pay itself off ten times. 

You can listen to The CEO Process Podcast HERE.


“You cannot do everything yourself, and you only grow, once you realize that.” – Brett Trembly

“We are going to find you someone incredible.” – Brett Trembly


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