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Navigating the Intersection of Law and Technology


Our Senior Community Coordinator, Joe Bravo, was a special guest in the “Lawyers Tell All” podcast hosted by Chris Mullins. The podcast where you can learn how things look through a lawyer’s eyes and find yourself inspired to connect with your mission to make the world a better place through your work and service. Listen to Joe and Chris as they delve into how lawyers are currently navigating the intersection between law and technology.

The Road To The Legal Industry

Joe starts sharing how he became an attorney after he was witness to several instances of injustice that affected his family. After meeting a lawyer who helped him and his family, Joe was inspired and decided he was also keen on the idea of helping out people. Regardless of where you are from, everyone deserves rightful representation from someone who cares about the individual and does not do it only for the money.

“During that time, I was looking for what type of person I wanted to be, and it struck a chord with me, realizing there are good people fighting for a good cause out there.”

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How Get Staffed Up Helps Law Firm Owners With Offshore Staffers

When Joe found an opportunity to join Get Staffed Up, at first, it seemed like a crazy idea, working remotely in an efficient way. Quickly, he realized he had found a home within a company that was aligned with his values, as well as dramatically inspired him to keep becoming a better professional and individual. GSU advocates to law firm owners and lawyers for a healthy life balance, and for their employees, it is exactly the same; Joe realized he became much more productive, organized, and efficient.

Technology has come a long way since the pandemic hit, and today, law firms and businesses are integrating a different set of tools that allow them to streamline their processes more effectively. Communication apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and task management tools like ClickUp or Monday.com, have gained increasing popularity and are transforming the way business owners work with their hybrid teams.

Like Joe, the Remote Professional we vet and staff at GSU, speaks great English, works in your timezone, and allows you to take advantage of economic arbitrage. However, vetting is crucial. You need to test your candidates; if they pass the tests, that means they would most likely be amazing in the position. Including your virtual team members in everything that you can delegate is essential. As with in-house teams, remote teams need to be nurtured as well so they feel like they belong.

In conclusion, Joe and Chris remark on the importance of prioritizing work-life balance and how it has numerous benefits that will help you grasp success effectively and efficiently. Set aside time for yourself and establish boundaries between work and personal life; you can improve your overall well-being and success in your career. Your mental and corporal health must always be a priority; without those, everything else becomes irrelevant. Balance is the key to ultimate success, so enjoy the little things and upgrade yourself as a leader and human being. Another tip: delegating tasks to have even more time for the important stuff can be highly beneficial. Hire Your New  Remote Professional HERE.

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