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Delegate Like A Champ

Why Your Law Firm Needs A Marketing Roadmap

Join Jeff Goldscher to learn why you need a marketing roadmap and how to build one. You'll walk away with real ways to get started, the process Jeff has followed consistently to create successful roadmaps, and how to plan for a marketing investment to help your law firm grow.

Firm Within a Firm: How Pods Can Prevent Attorney Turnover

High lawyer turnover can have a negative impact on your legal practice, including increased costs, decreased productivity, and potential damage to the firm's reputation. Learn how to avoid draining your most valuable resources by embracing an effective system: Pods.

How To Build A Law Firm That Allows You To Do Work You Love, With People You Like, For People You Like

Get ready to steer clear of the trap of merely chasing leads, cases, and clients, and level up your law firm game with the secrets and insights Ben Glass and Brett Trembly will share in this webinar.

Client Engagement 2.0: How to transform your client communication with Case Status

Get to know our next webinar guest, Paul Bamert. He has partnered with us to help you learn how technology scales engagement and communication by empowering the client to self-serve and removing the need to engage with staff on basic inquiries.

Intake reimagined: How AI can help you fix your pipeline and convert more leads to clients

There is a lot of technology available to improve the Intake process, but lawyers and law firm owners still find themselves overwhelmed. Chad Burton, our expert guest, will cover everything from the fundamentals of a good intake process to setting up leak-proof follow-up automation.