Offshore (Virtual) Staffing

We permanently solve the expensive turnover problem at your three most important administrative level positions

(Legal Secretaries)
(Administrative Assistants)

Delegate 80% of your tasks – the tasks you shouldn’t be doing anyway.

(Intake Coordinators)
(Executive Assistants)

Way more friendly AND entirely less expensive than a phone service or hourly/fractional.

(Marketing Assistants)
(Video Editors)

You have 100 new marketing ideas before breakfast, but no time or help to get them done. Stop wasting money on expensive and ineffective “marketing” companies, and get a full-time assistant to execute all of the great marketing ideas you never have time to do.


Clerical Staff Members

(Legal Secretaries/Administrative Assistants)

Starting at



Dynamic Staff Members

(Receptionists, Personal Assistants, Legal Assistants)

Starting at



Marketing Staff Members

(Marketing Assistants, Video Assistants)

Starting at