Offshore Virtual Assistants

We permanently solve the expensive turnover problem at two key positions:

  • Reception
  • Intake
  • Executive/Personal Assistants
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Assistant
  • Happiness Director

Our most popular type of virtual assistant – experience the wonders of being able to delegate all day long to sharp, friendly, hard-working team members in your time zone, and save tons while you’re at it. Administrative tasks interfere with your ability to be the best you that you can be. Our Virtual Administrative Assistants can serve as receptionists, intake coordinators, client happiness coordinators, executive/personal assistants, legal secretaries, and more. Adding several Admin Assistants will completely change your mindset and will liberate your time and your mind.

  • Video Coordinators
  • Social Media Coordinators
  • Copywriters/Graphic Designers

You have 100 new marketing ideas before breakfast, but no time or help to get them done. Stop wasting money on expensive and ineffective “marketing” companies, and get a full-time assistant to execute all of the great marketing ideas you never have time to do.


Admin VA’s



Marketing VA’s