We are extremely selective when recruiting your next team members through our proprietary sourcing and hiring process called the Match Process. Our employees – and your next full-time staff member – must have excellent language skills, strong writing skills, and a positive attitude. Almost every Staffer has a degree, and less than 5% of applicants make it to our interview stage.

 Bilingual (English/Spanish)
Executive Assistant, Receptionist$1,995/month

Intake Specialist, Client Happiness Coordinator, Billing Assistant


Legal Assistant, Marketing Assistant


The startup fee covers recruiting, hiring expenses, a background search on every candidate, a test flight where we evaluate their performance for a week, and a replacement guarantee for as long as you work with us. It gets us started, and you don’t have to pay another dime until your new virtual assistant starts.

You pay Get Staffed Up, not your Staffer. This eliminates your need to pay taxes on your Staffer, get worker’s compensation, worry about unemployment claims or discrimination claims (which are soaring these days and a huge threat to business owners). We take on these risks for you.

No. We focus on helping law firms, but because all service-based businesses need personal/administrative assistants, receptionists, and marketing assistants, we receive referrals for non-law firm businesses, and if we’re the right fit, we’re more than happy to serve those entrepreneurs and business owners as well. We love helping all happy and ambitious employers.

Staffers are our employees. We call them your “Staffers” so as not to confuse the employee-employer relationship. We believe that if you get staffed up with more workforce at a fraction of the cost, owning a business will become extremely fun again. You have day to day work that needs to get done, and you have projects you’d like to get to but can’t. Get staffed up, and watch your productivity skyrocket while your overhead plummets. That equals great margins, because you decided to intelligently Staff Up!

No. If you’re not happy with your Staffer or with Get Staffed Up, then we haven’t met our goal of making your work place a joy again. You can walk away at any time pursuant to our 30-day cancellation period (which is out of respect for your Staffer).

Because we practice what we preach, and we don’t have the crushing overhead they do. Your Staffers work from home, and with no commute that is common in some countries, they love it. In turn, they must have a high speed Internet connection so they can properly communicate with you, and with us. We help monitor your Staffers like any other company, but without the distractions of large work spaces. It’s truly a win-win.

Just like a full-time employee, working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for you only, and during your working hours.

No, unfortunately you can’t. At the rates indicated above, there really isn’t a cost savings to having someone part time, anyway. And, in our experience, you will find so many more tasks to hand over to your Staffers that you hadn’t thought of before, you will not only want them full-time immediately, you will want additional Staffers soon. Look at it this way – every hour you don’t have a Staffer, something isn’t getting done for extremely low cost and with high quality. Finally, we want the Staffers to work for you and be a part of your team. Part-time Staffers must learn two work cultures and be loyal to multiple employers. Your Staffer is part of your team, part of your culture, and part of your success.