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GSU’s Press Release – Legal Tech’s Buyer’s Guide 2024

Get Staffed Up Featured as a Premier Provider in the 2024 Legal Tech’s Buyer’s Guide 


“GSU has been recognized for its ability to provide top-tier administrative talent to US law firms, focusing on the top 1% of English-speaking virtual assistants from Latin America and South Africa.”

Miami, Florida, April 23rd, 2024 – We are excited and honored to announce our second-time achievement as top providers in the 2024 Buyer’s Guide! The guide released by Legal Tech Publishing spotlights innovative legal technology products for all firm sizes and areas of practice. It’s an honor to be featured alongside many innovative providers, who are synonymous with excellence, reliability, and forward-thinking solutions. 

Thank you, Legal Tech for this acknowledgment. Knowing that we are making an impact in the lives of lawyers and law firm owners is what truly inspires us. We understand how complex the legal world can be with burnout around every corner, and it doesn’t have to be that way. With our tailored and smart staffing solutions, lawyers nationwide have increased their profitability by fostering incredible working environments, boosting productivity, and expanding their law firm’s reach and profitability.

Law firm owners and attorneys can achieve freedom and much more by delegating tasks and focusing on the most important thing – growing their business. Attorneys who have built powerful virtual/hybrid teams are leveraging upgraded streamlined efforts and making headway from their competitors. Understanding the requirements of our clients has pushed GSU to keep finding new ways to provide prospective customers with tools and resources that will help them make the right (and smart) decisions when it comes to hiring and growing their firms. 

Our secret sauce? Matching extraordinary and carefully vetted offshore talent with our clients, to boost productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Our remote professional English-speaking, college-degreed virtual assistants have helped countless law firm owners and attorneys eliminate burnout and achieve freedom.

For more information regarding GSU and smart staffing solutions, visit our website.

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About Get Staffed Up 

Get Staffed Up does all the work to find you the perfect VA. Thanks to a detailed screening process, it provides US law firms with the best international talent for administrative and marketing roles.  

For lawyers by lawyers – We get your needs and speak your language. We know that your staff is a direct reflection of you. Helping you source, hire, and onboard better than anyone. Get ready to thrive, get ready to Get Staffed Up.

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