Us vs. Them

How Much is Freedom Worth to You?

We talk a lot about freedom here at Get Staffed Up. After several years in business, we discovered that we’re really in the business of helping other lawyers liberate themselves by delegating (way) more tasks, leading them to newfound freedom. Another way to state this: delegate your way to freedom. We challenge you to come up with ways that you can’t improve your life, and someone else’s life, by delegating the tasks you don’t want to do. Truthfully, at the very least, we want you to hire a personal/administrative assistant, regardless of what company you use. To see some comparisons of what we offer, we put together some helpful info for you below:

Why Us?

Number one: We're Lawyers

Motion calendar, medical records, post-closing, policies, procedures, deadlines – we speak your language and know exactly what to look for when finding your next incredible team member.

Number two: Our Proprietary Match Process

We find better talent than other staffing companies.  Guaranteed.  Just ask our clients.  How?  Through our proprietary Match Process that includes novel methods for sourcing, screening, interviewing and placing.

Number three: Our Replacement Guarantee

We stand behind our promise with our Replacement Guarantee – if you’re a client and our Staffer quits for any reason – we find you a new Staffer, for free.
  • 2017


    Game changer. Bottom line. Tripled our bandwidth for only a slight increase in payroll. Suddenly had lots of time for other projects, family moments, leisure and travel. Wondering why we didn’t know about this miracle sooner (the more employees you have to help, the more you can get done), and finally having discovered the key to having an extremely happy law firm, we decided to take action.

  • 2018


    We are decisive, as it’s the only proven way to be more successful on your own. So we decided to launch a company helping OTHER lawyers liberate themselves with offshore employees. The first six months of the year we spent on infrastructure, hiring offshore team member pre-revenue. Once we started marketing our services in earnest in August after our infrastructure was in place, we took off.

  • 2020


    After just 18 months of sales, we’re now the most trusted offshore staffing company for attorneys and law firms. Most of our business comes from referrals. We’re spreading our message of delegating your way to freedom. We’re meeting great people from all over the world. We have fun, happy, incredible clients. And - we’re just getting started. Be a part of our team, and take advantage of all the fun stuff we have coming your way.

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