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When and How Should you Expand your Offshore Team?

Running a successful law firm is not easy. As an elder law attorney, you need to be focused on your client’s needs, who may be vulnerable to exploitation, neglect, and abuse. To achieve success, you need to be fully focused on critical legal aspects so you can provide an outstanding service and not be distracted by minor administrative tasks. As is common in the elder law realm, if you are distracted with a plethora of administrative tasks and not focusing on protecting the rights and interests of your clients, your firm might be exposed to several legal and ethical dilemmas that need your attention and can easily injure your credibility and reputation if you don’t tackle them with precision.

As a law firm owner yourself, you are no strangers when it comes to juggling a barrage of constant tasks such as: dealing with client meetings, managing high-volume caseloads and their respective preparations, finance management, and staying updated with compliances and regulations – in fact, it can be very stressful and can quickly lead to burnout.

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That’s where virtual assistants (VAs) come in – your secret weapon for achieving a more efficient, productive, and stress-free elder law practice. But you might ask yourself, “When is the right time to look for offshore support and how do you approach it? Let’s delve right into it.

The Ideal Starting Point (The When)

If attaining a higher level of efficiency and productivity is a priority for your practice, then figuring out the right time to bring offshore staff into your firm becomes critical. And while every firm is unique, here are some key signs that it might be time to consider virtual assistants:

  1. You find yourself buried with non-billable work, leaving little to no time at all to focus on your legal work.
  2. Not only are you close to burnout, but also your team, which might lead to missed deadlines and a constant accumulative backlog of tasks.
  3. Your work-life balance is in shambles, and finding yourself burning the midnight oil has become a constant part of your daily routine.
  4. You are certain your firm is ready to take the next step and grow, but the lack of resources to expand with full-time offshore staff is nowhere to be found.

Implementation Proclamation (The How)

You and your firm are ready to expand. Now it’s time to strategically plan your offshore expansion. Here are a few tips regarding how you can efficiently go about it:

  1. Self-assess your needs: Firstly, identify the areas you need the most help with and the necessary skills required in a virtual assistant to effectively tackle your pain points.
  2. Selecting the right staffing partner: Just like any business relationship, partnering with entities that share your core values and have a strong reputation is key to building a strong foundation to achieve success. Consider looking for a reputable provider that specializes in legal support and has a proven track record of accomplishments.
  3. Efficient Onboarding and Communication: After hiring a dedicated remote professional for consistency, you need to ensure a smooth but powerful onboarding process. Dissect all your needs and clearly communicate what you are trying to achieve to enhance and streamline processes.
  4. Attack your main concerns first: As you hire an offshore teammate and start conquering your main problems, scaling up becomes much more attainable.

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Expanding your team by adding offshore muscle in the form of virtual assistants will allow you to focus on your essential and critical legal tasks while alleviating the burden of dealing with time-consuming minor tasks. As well as providing top-tier service and protecting your clients from abuse and malpractice. By delegating to your team you’ll boost productivity, improve your work-life balance, and enhance your overall firm’s efficiency and profitability.

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