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Celebrating Diversity in Law Firms and Why it Matters More than Ever

Imagine going through all the facets of your life limited to only one option. Regardless of activity or circumstance. For example, going to a burger place with just one beverage and one hamburger option, or going to the movies and only one movie is available… We can agree that scenario would be pretty dull, boring, and almost pointless. 

If there’s one thing that makes life exciting, it’s diversity. Having the ability to select and choose is one of the main foundations of our society. The diversity of experiences, viewpoints, backgrounds, and philosophies makes our world much more dynamic and exhilarating. Throughout the years, diversity in different aspects of life has gained notoriety as a powerful and necessary criterion for successful businesses. In this hyper-connected and globalized world, the ways to leverage diversity and integrate the perks of each unique viewpoint have proven to be beneficial to almost all walks of life. And in recent years, especially law firm owners, have started to shift their mindsets and embrace the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

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The Advantages of Diversity in Law Firms

In the last couple of years, social imperatives have integrated into the economic business landscape. Building a community and relating to society has become almost a norm for businesses that are trying to stand out from the competition. Reaping many benefits and setting the example for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Having a diverse team in a law firm comes with tangible improvements, such as: 

  • Reducing costs and expenses (i.e. hiring offshore staff) 
  • Bilingual (even trilingual) capabilities (i.e some staffers from Brazil speak Portuguese, Spanish, and English) 
  • Augmenting and showcasing your law firm’s reputation through physical and digital outlet efforts 
  • Smarter business decisions (considering points of view you may haven’t before) 
  • Stronger clients reach through targeted campaigns 
  • Enhanced governmental and business reach (social initiatives) 
  • Advantage and headway from your competitors 
  • Enriched workplace environment (sharing international traits and traditions) 

All of these factors improve the overall quality of the service your law firm provides to clients and the internal experience for your employees. A study from NALP (National Association for Law Placement) on diversity showcased the progress achieved thanks to consistent efforts to boost diversity in the workplace. However, it’s also clear there is still much room for improvement. 

Why Diversity Matters (Particularly Today)

Communication is key when talking about diversity. Sure, having a diverse cultural team is a great idea, but without careful management of how your law firm communicates, diversity can become harmful and detrimental. Sensibilities are at an all-time high and hurting someone is easier and more vicarious than ever. Just because you have an African American on your team does not mean he is keen and motivated to discuss racism in the workplace. Same for LGBT employees, who might not be excited to talk about oppression and bigotry. 

Recognizing the value of a diverse team in your practice will make it stronger, more resilient, and yes, even happier. We all like to feel included in our communities. Prioritizing diversity not only is the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do. As a law firm owner, you perfectly understand the value of having a reliable team, do not neglect this important aspect and you will see, feel, and thrive in a professional environment. 

Now you know the importance of having a diverse practice and all the benefits it provides. Expand your horizons and look for smart ways to improve your law firm’s efficiency through a diverse and committed approach. It can be as simple as looking offshore for capable people who will enrich your business and by default, your life (while also saving money and boosting productivity). 

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