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Paul Bamert

Paul is a proud member of the Case Status Leadership team with a focus on Product Marketing. He specializes in bringing technology and SaaS solutions to market, refining existing solutions to bring more value to customers and enabling staff to be outcome oriented.

Paul is passionate about technology and its role in win-win progress: helping businesses run better while at the same time delighting the consumers they serve. Paul holds a BS in Engineering and Material Science from Duke University and a Masters in Business from The Citadel.

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What you will learn in this webinar?

A firm’s success can be directly tied to the intersection of staff and clients. This webinar will focus on:


How staff and clients can effectively engage using technology.


The main features you need to scale engagement and empowering clients to self-serve.


Giving your staff more room to focus on intimate engagement when the conversation warrants a more in-depth discussion.


Tips and strategies lawyers can apply to help their staff reach their full potential, and become Client Ambassadors.

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Wednesday, May 31st

2:00 PM EDT

Paul Bamert