At this point, we all have active LinkedIn accounts. For most practicing attorneys, LinkedIn seems like a major distraction from the billable hour and doesn’t provide you with any direct value.

On the contrary, LinkedIn may be the single greatest business development and branding tool available to business professionals in the modern age. The question is, do you know how to use it efficiently and effectively? In this highly interactive Zoom workshop, LinkedIn trainer, four-time author, podcaster, and top lawyer coach Steve Fretzin will demonstrate the following:

🚩 Four essential elements to successfully using LinkedIn

🚩 Improving your profile to improve your personal brand
🚩 Creating a LinkedIn strategy that you can feel good about
🚩 Posting to drive engagement and build your online reputation
🚩 Proactive networking on the platform to obtain actual business
🚩 Sharing a new add-on to LinkedIn that no one knows about yet, but you will

Be prepared to not only walk away with specific next steps to grow your law practice but with a better understanding and impression of LinkedIn. Your time is literally money, so using LinkedIn proficiently may ultimately be the best use of your non-billable time.

Date: Wednesday, June 22nd
Time: 2:00 PM EDT