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Latte With a Lawyer


Our CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly, was a special guest in the “Latte With a Lawyer” podcast, hosted by Jonathan Brickman, featuring the stories of attorneys, their strategies,  and tactics for making an impact in their profession. Listen as Brett shares the importance of hiring only the Top 1% of Offshore Staffers to grow your business.

Helping Your Lawyer Delegate

Starting with a delicious morning drink, Brett shares how he likes to drink Rooibos tea as he prepares to attack his day. Sharing how he runs his law firm “Trembly Law” and how the business has grown and adopted a hybrid modality since the pandemic hit back in 2020. Now Brett’s main focus, and where he spends 90% of his working hours, is Get Staffed Up, an offshore staffing company dedicated to helping lawyers find the Top 1% of offshore staffing.

“A lot of law firms won’t fill positions, so you’ll have the paralegals that are acting as intake, receptionist, legal assistant – they’re overworked and not being truly efficiently productive.

Brett shares how you should add bandwidth to your practice and help your team of lawyers by providing them with their own assistants. With virtual muscle, you can provide the right amount of oxygen to fuel your law firm’s fire.

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The Importance of Hiring the Right Fit

Overworking yourself and your attorneys will not only provide low-impact outcomes for your business but your mind and body will become affected as well because of burnout. Building the business of your dreams requires delegation and building a powerful and reliable team.

“As a business owner, when you’re margins are so thin, you’re just basically working to pay other people, and that’s a miserable existence.”

Taking advantage of economic arbitrage is crucial to scale and hire incredibly capable people who can help you just as much (if not more) than an in-house US-based employee would. Leverage the power of Offshore Staffing and start sowing the seeds of delegation. You’ll start noticing how time’s back on your plate and how you can focus on the actual billable tasks to grow your law firm.

Start delegating your way to freedom and hire the best Offshore Staffers from Latin America. MEET YOUR NEXT OFFSHORE STAFFER HERE.


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