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What Makes Them Tip Podcast


What Makes Them Tip Podcast, Episode 23, with get Staffed Up's CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly.

We are happy to share that Brett Trembly, our Get Staffed Up co-founder, was invited to the “What Makes Them Tip” podcast, by Arcalea Company. It is one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the industry. They invite business leaders and entrepreneurs to talk about the moments, insights, or inspiration that made everything possible. Timmy Bauer hosted this episode.

During the interview, Brett was asked to share a little about the story behind the creation of Get Staffed Up. We aim to provide incredible offshore virtual staff for law firms and small businesses. Brett and his business partner stumbled upon the idea, as they were running their own law firm and decided to turn it into a legitimate business. Almost three years later, Get Staffed Up, is one of the largest virtual staffing companies for lawyers in the industry. 

Timmy, the podcast’s host, also asked Brett to share some of the aspects that make Get Staffed Up so unique. To answer, Brett assured that the firm offers a competitive price range compared to other staffing companies for lawyers. He also assured that the GSU hiring process is focused on having the best of the best. Brett mentioned that hired virtual assistants require a good attitude, incredible English writing and speaking skills, and talent. He also confirmed that when a lawyer or business owner requests virtual assistant services, GSU takes care of all the compliance issues (because we are the legal employer). The Staffer you get works full-time for you, during your work hours. 

“You integrate them into your entire business system, just like you would any other employee. I really think that’s why we are different and why we’re growing so fast.” – Brett Trembly

Brett shared that one of the innovations in Get Staffed Up is the receptionist position, expressing that it was a huge game changer for the company. He also shared how he manages to avoid the so-called “Shiny Objects Syndrome” that affects entrepreneurs ‘ journeys, and the importance of working with a qualified support team.

“You can’t do everything yourself as an entrepreneur. You have to get help.” – Brett Trembly

Listen to What Makes Them Tip podcast, episode 23 “Optimized Staffing and Delegation with Get Staffed Up’s Brett Trembly HERE.

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