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The Prospecting Show


The Prospecting Show

On December 09, 2020, we had the pleasure of being invited to The Prospecting Show podcast hosted by Dr. Connor Robertson, a respected chiropractor, and marketing consultant. On his show, he interviews small business owners, salespeople, and health professionals who excel in their field.

In this episode, Get Staffed Up’s co-founder, Brett Trembly, shares the entrepreneurial journey behind his success story. He talks about the way in which his career began, and some important decisions he had to make along the way. Brett shared that after graduating from law school he began working in a small law firm but felt dissatisfied after a short time, therefore decided to create his own firm.

He uses his personal story to exemplify the importance of delegating tasks to other team members. Brett expresses it is necessary to remind all entrepreneurs that hiring staff is not a waste of money, but more so an investment. He got to experience this firsthand by comparing the revenues before and after hiring someone during the first two years of his law firm. Brett truly believes in delegating tasks that get in the way of doing what you truly love to do, and going after what makes real money.

“You need to delegate your way to freedom, otherwise you’ll never be the person you want to be if you’re doing everything by yourself. It is not possible.” That is actually the motto for Brett’s other business. Alongside his co-partner (also a lawyer), Enrique Fernandez, they created Get Staffed Up, a recruiting and staffing company that focuses on helping lawyers and other business owners all over the country delegate their way to freedom!

Dr. Connor and Brett also agreed on how the efficiency process leads to delegation, and that the global economy can be improved by making the much-needed hiring of offshore talent. Under the same topic, Brett shared the countries in which Get Staffed Up seeks talent remotely and how these online operations can help him, and his clients, reduce costs. At the same time, the people hired by them receive a better salary than that of the average in their country of origin, making this a winning proposition for all three parties.

You can listen to The Prospecting Show HERE.

For more information about Get Staffed Up, contact us HERE.

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