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Multiply Your Success Podcast


Multiply Your Success Podcast Hosted by Tom Dufore, with Get Staffed Up's CEO and CO-Founder, Brett Trembly.

This past month Brett Trembly, Get Staffed Up’s co-founder, had the honorable opportunity of being invited as a guest speaker to the Multiply Your Success Podcast. This show is hosted by the CEO of the Big Sky Franchise Team, Tom DuFore. Each week he interviews leading entrepreneurs, executives, and experts who share their multipliers, makes and misses. If you are a growth-minded entrepreneur, investor, or franchise company, you might be interested in this podcast.

During the interview, Tom touched briefly on Brett’s background. As mentioned before, Brett co-founded Get Staffed Up, a virtual assistant staffing company. Their mission is to liberate mostly law firms (and recently other businesses) with incredible offshore talent. Tom remarked that this year GSU qualified to receive the Inc. 5000 award.

Apart from Get Staffed Up, Brett also founded the Trembly Law Firm, based in Miami. He noted that they focus on business law, business litigation, and franchise law. The firm has grown from one attorney in 2011 to ten attorneys and twenty employees. This makes the firm represent some of the largest businesses in the eastern United States. It was also mentioned that the company made it into the Law Firm 500 list (with 444.27% growth). Brett added that his law firm’s mission is: “Protecting the economy, one business at a time.”

The main topic discussed in the podcast was “The 5 Danger Zones of Business”, according to Brett. He walks his clients through five different zones by making a checklist on protecting them and their businesses from risky aspects in each zone. His goal is to minimize the exposure to these dangers for business owners. 

The 5 Danger Zones are:

1- Corporate Infrastructure

2- Contracts and Leases

3- Employment Matters

4- Trademarks / Intellectual Property

5- Compliance and Regulations 

Learn about each danger zone and evaluate your firm by listening to the full “Multiply Your Success Podcast” Episode 39: The 5 Danger Zones of Business with Brett Trembly HERE.


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