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Shark Bite Biz Podcast


Shark Bite Biz Podcast featuring Get Staffed Up's Co-Founder and CEO, Brett Trembly.

On March 14th, 2022, Brett Trembly, attorney, best-selling author, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on the Shark Bite Biz Podcast. Hosted by David Strausser. David Strausser is an expert at enabling small businesses to drive growth via the promise of technology. As the General Manager of the Northeast for Vision33, David empowers his customers to digitally transform by automating business processes and maximizing business intelligence. Shark Bite Biz is a podcast dedicated to helping businesses achieve growth in the roaring 20s. In a world full of sharks, learn how to bite first!

In this great episode, David and Brett talk about delegation and focusing on profit-driving activities. Brett and David start by recognizing that some entrepreneurs may not be ready to start hiring. However, GSU’s value proposition is to help lawyers delegate their way to freedom by hiring a virtual assistant (VA). With a monthly flat rate, GSU will take care of HR, payroll, and benefits. In addition to these advantages, GSU has a replacement guarantee. In the case of a VA leaving or quitting. GSU will replace the VA almost immediately with a fully capable and professional one.

Delegation expert

However, many business owners tend to see “hiring” from a saving point of view. As a result, they have bad experiences with project-based remote workers. What we need to do is to turn the table around, and invest money in a VA that can offer a skill set that will help the business grow. David asked Brett some examples of the prices one would pay for a VA, and to his surprise, he recognized that in the big cities, one would end up paying 5 times more for the same skill set. The other thing people do is price shopping, they buy the cheapest staff member. 

David asks Brett how did he become a delegation expert. In the last decade, Brett has built two successful companies and has over 500 people working with him, the only way to achieve that, Brett says, is by constantly delegating. The easiest way to start delegating is using the Highlight Process. Write down all the tasks you do in a week, then highlight the admin-related activities and the ones that are not generating any revenue but distracting you from profit-driving activities. Those highlighted tasks are the ones you delegate first to your new VA. 

Listen to the FULL Episode and visit getstafedup.com/sharbitebizz for a special discount.


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