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The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

We had the privilege of being invited to the Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast. This show was created by Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of Up My Influence. On this daily podcast, they encourage entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts as well. They cover a wide range of topics like scaling challenges, leadership, funding, marketing and sales. This podcast’s guest host is Jen Amos. 

In this episode, Brett Trembly, co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was invited to share his story. Host Jen Amos expressed that she considered Brett as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs to build a virtual business. This perspective is based on Get Staffed Up being a fully virtual company.

Brett shared that since he was a child, he always had an entrepreneur spirit. He grew up having tons of ideas on how to make things that could generate income for him. Brett assured that being a lawyer helped him become an entrepreneur as well. After all, having his own firm and helping other businesses is what entrepreneurship is all about.

During the interview, Brett admitted to having hard times when he first started his law firm. He was working all by himself and always had a heavy workload. He finally saw a big positive difference when he decided to hire someone else to help him and by delegating some tasks. That was the moment when Brett doubled his monthly revenue and discovered the positive impact of hiring qualified people.

“Don’t be afraid of taking risks and start making hires, because people will always be your #1 asset.” – Brett Trembly

Another relevant topic discussed during the podcast was the impact of Covid-19. Brett shared that this situation placed Get Staffed Up ahead by a whole decade. Remote work started to become the only possible way of maintaining productivity for every business. With GSU being fully remote and with virtual assistants ready to work for them, the results were enormously positive. 

Before the meeting ended, Brett shared that the key to building sustainability when staffing and building a business is to make your staff feel as a part of your team. The hosts agreed that a company and it’s staff should feel like a whole family.

Listen to the full “The Importance of Delegation with Get Staffed Up’s Brett Trembly” episode 561 of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast HERE.

Or you can watch it NOW right here:

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