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Lead To Greatness Podcast


Lead To Greatness Podcast hosted by Cedric Francis and special guest, Get Staffed Up's CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly.

We are happy to share with you our recent Podcast collaboration. Brett Trembly, one of the Get Staffed Up co-founders, had the honor of being invited as a guest to the “Lead to Greatness Podcast.” In the “Lead to Greatness Podcast,” they believe in helping others reach their most significant potential and together change the world. The podcast’s host is Cedric Francis, with more than 20 years of leadership experience.

At the beginning of the episode, Brett shared a little about his background story. He shared how he has always had an entrepreneur’s soul. Since he was younger, he always tried to look for ways to make money, from lemonade stands to candy machines at school. For his career journey, he moved from a small town in New Mexico to Miami city for law school. When he graduated, he began working for a law firm over a brief period. He then decided to start his firm but struggled initially due to lacking human resources. 

He was the only one operating his firm, which led to him lacking enough time to focus on what was important. Scheduling calls, booking clients, and arranging the paperwork, all these things distracted him from actually making sales. Brett confessed that that was how he lived the importance of hiring and that you can’t do everything by yourself if you want to be successful. 

“If you do everything yourself, you don’t have a business, the business has you.” – Brett Trembly

Cedric and Brett also discussed some of the common mistakes that small businesses make. They agreed that sometimes people tend to miss the importance of following up with the clients and staff, and also the relevance of maintaining constant communication.

During the podcast episode, Brett also shared what characteristics, values, and qualities he considered every great leader should have, so be sure to watch the full episode not to miss these cool insights! 

“The way I see it, you either win or you learn in business. There are no losses.” – Brett Trembly

Listen to “Lead To Greatness podcast, episode 46 “Delegating To Freedom with Brett Trembly” HERE.


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