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The Pollinator Podcast


The Pollinator Podcast featuring Get Staffed Up's Co-Founder, Enrique Fernandez.

On October 22nd, 2021, Enrique Fernandez, attorney, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on The Pollinator Podcast. Hosted by Will Dukes. The Pollinator Podcast brings experts in sales and marketing to you to highlight ways you can prevent wasting your marketing budget. In each episode, the guests share their expertise in one stage of the Client Cultivation Cycle, from Market Segmentation and Targeting, to Repeat Sales and Referrals.

In this episode, Enrique and Will, the host, discuss the meaning of freedom. “You can’t get more time” is a phrase that we hear very often. And though there is some truth to that, Get Staffed Up’s mission is to help lawyers delegate their way to freedom. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can focus on what is essential and delegate the rest. By following this simple step, you can get back some time.

According to Enrique, freedom is the ability to choose what to do with our own time. This is because time is our most valuable resource. Will asks Enrique about his early days as an attorney and how he learned to delegate his way to freedom. Enrique’s shift was a mental one. Instead of thinking about the investment of his money, he started thinking about the investment of his time. He realized that many business owners and attorneys focus on financial concerns and challenges but rarely focus on their time challenges. And to Enrique, how we choose to spend our time determines how the rest of our lives will look.

Understanding your process

As a business owner, the return on investment (ROI) on the first hire is significantly higher than on any hire afterward, not just in money but in time. At the beginning of the process, you invest time onboarding them, and in the long run, your most significant return is the skill of delegation.

Furthermore, Will and Enrique agreed that perfection in the process, or system, is not the goal. The goal is progress, solving the problem, and growth. Businesses and teams that want to scale must have full-time employees looking after the administrative tasks. The valuable tip given is to put value over money when hiring offshore. 

You can watch the full episode of The Pollinator Podcast HERE.



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