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Future Forward Sales Podcast


Future Forward Sales Podcast, Virtual Staffing with Get Staffed Up's CEO and CO-Founder, Brett Trembly.

In February, we had the honor of being invited to the Future Forward Sales show. This podcast features a new guest speaker in every episode, sharing their experience building a business from the ground up. The podcast’s goal is to show everyone that there are many paths to becoming a successful business owner.

As mentioned before, Brett Trembly, Get Staffed Up co-founder, was invited to collaborate and talk about his firm’s journey. He explained that GSU works with its clients, who are primarily lawyers and business owners, by providing qualified offshore virtual assistants. They are called “Staffers” by the company. Brett assured that with GSU as the technical employer for these staffers, their clients are alleviated of their responsibilities upon the worker’s compensation, insurance, etc. Clients can also decrease their labor costs.

During the interview, Brett explained how he leverages flexibility and thinks outside the box in his firm. This is achieved through the way the communication structure is set up between the company’s team members. At GSU, they have “L10 Meetings” where they analyze each other’s goals and work together to fulfill their tasks. Brett ensured that they offer weekly opportunities to empower their staffers to develop new and better ideas to run the company.

“We have created the type of opportunity that allows people to express their ideas, generating a collective culture.” – Brett Trembly

Gaby, the podcast hostess, asked Brett what aspects he considered that made him an employer people want to work for. He confessed that he learned early on that if you’re making people’s jobs a burden, it’s obvious that they won’t be happy. Brett assured that meetings at GSU are both fun and productive. They get the work done, at the same time that they are telling jokes and feeling comfortable.

Right before the meeting ended, Brett’s upcoming book titled “The Danger Zones” was brought into the topic. He shared some brief insights about it and invited people to stay tuned for its release.

Watch the full “Virtual Staffing with Get Staffed Up’s Brett Trembly” episode from the Future Forward Sales Podcast now available HERE.


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