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The Lawyerist Podcast


The Lawyerist Podcast featuring Get Staffed Up's Co-Founder and CEO, Brett Trembly.

On August 20th, 2021, Brett Trembly, attorney, best-selling author, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on The Lawyerist Podcast. Hosted by Aaron Street and Stephanie Everett. Every week Lawyerist Podcast features conversations with successful lawyers, innovative thought leaders, and other creative people helping to shape the future of the legal practice.

In this episode, Brett and Zack, legal tech advisor, discuss virtual assistants in the legal environment. Brett shares some benefits of having virtual assistants as part of professional teams. These benefits may include managerial expertise, lower costs, and convenience. As well as, managing your emails and calendar.

In addition, Brett points out that the job characteristics of a virtual assistant, in the legal environment, can vary. For example legal assistant, billing assistant, client happiness coordinator, and more. And you don’t need to worry because the hiring and onboarding process can be seamless through Get Staffed Up. He reassures that hiring virtual assistants will liberate your time.

You are what you spend your time on

As Brett says, “Too many lawyers treat their law firm like a hot dog stand on the corner, rather than a real restaurant.” The only way to actually grow your business is to get things off your plate. And to focus on the areas that genuinely generate revenue.

Brett gives vital tips on how to start delegating. One of them is writing on a piece of paper everything you do in three days. And then highlight in yellow all tasks you don’t need to do, and in pink all tasks you hate to do. You will be able to generate a list of tasks ready to be delegated to a VA by doing this simple exercise.

You can listen to the Lawyerist Podcast HERE.


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