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Maximum Growth Live Podcast


Brett Trembly guest at Max Growth Live Podcast speaking about Get Staffed Up

On March 11, 2021, we were honored to be featured on the Maximum Growth Live Podcast. Hosted by attorneys Seth Price, managing partner of Price Benowitz and founder of BluShark Digital, and Jay Ruane, managing partner of Ruane Attorneys and CEO of FirmFlex. Each week Seth and Jay invite innovative guests to discuss ground-breaking strategies to improve law firms’ growth.

In this episode, Seth and Jay discuss virtual assistants in the legal environment, with co-founder of Get Staffed Up, Brett Trembly. Brett shares some benefits of having virtual assistants as part of the professional teams. These benefits may include managerial expertise, lower costs, and convenience. In addition, Brett points out that the job characteristics of a virtual assistant, in the legal environment, can vary between a receptionist, executive assistants, legal secretaries, and more. And we don’t need to worry because the hiring and onboarding process can be seamless through Get Staffed Up. He reassures us that hiring virtual assistants to our legal firms will change our mindset and will liberate our time.

Seth and Jay share personal experiences regarding offshore hiring and ask Brett how does he manage his virtual assistants. Seth and Jay also share their concerns regarding business productivity and infrastructure needs, such as internet accessibility in other countries. Brett clears out all concerns and reminds us that delegating tasks effectively is the key to success.

Brett also talks about how more small and medium firms are hiring virtual administrative and marketing assistants. Lastly, they share valuable tips on how to develop a strong company culture with remote employees. And how good training translates to success. We are sure that you will find these valuable training tips as useful as we did!

You can listen to the Maximum Growth Live Podcast HERE.

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