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Be That Lawyer Podcast


Be That Lawyer Podcast hosted by Steve Fretzin and Special Guest, Get Staffed Up's CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly.

We are very happy to share with you our most recent collaboration with the “Be That Lawyer Podcast”, hosted by Steve Fretzin. Steve Fretzin coaches and trains lawyers with the most modern-day business development skills. He accomplishes this by providing precise tips, fresh ideas, and actionable tasks that drive tangible results. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Steve works with attorneys in all practice areas from start-up solos to attorneys at large firms. His methods are proven to boost income dramatically. Steve invited Brett Trembly, our Get Staffed Up co-founder, to talk about how to create increased efficiency through hiring.

At the beginning of the episode, Brett shares a little about his professional background. He talks about how he started “Trembly Law Firm” doing everything by himself. Brett mentioned how hard that situation was, so he hired someone else. He noticed an essential increase in revenue and efficiency, and that was the moment he valued the necessity of hiring and creating a qualified team that can support you. 

Based on this idea, Brett proceeded to share how the idea of Get Staffed Up was conceived. He and his co-founder analyzed the necessity of hiring lawyers. His co-founder saw some amazing opportunities by working with offshore talent from Latin America and South Africa. They united forces and created one of the fastest-growing staffing companies for lawyers in the U.S.: Get Staffed Up.

Another topic mentioned was offshore hiring and the support this brings to the global economy as well as the many people that are eager to work hard in the virtual assistance positions offered. 

During the interview, Brett discussed with Steve the challenges lawyers face in getting work done and being profitable. They agreed that lawyers need to start delegating tasks, so they can concentrate on what they do best. Be sure to listen to the full episode not to miss any detail! 

“Every second of the day, where you’re doing something that someone else could be doing you are costing yourself money because you can’t get the time back. There’s no “make it up later” time in the day. Time doesn’t work that way.” —  Brett Trembly

Listen to Be That Lawyer Podcast “Brett Trembly: Increasing Efficiency Through Hiring” episode HERE.

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