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The Entrepreneur Adventure Podcast


The Entrepreneur Adventure Podcast hosted by Josh melton and Chad Brown, with Special Guest, Get Staffed Up's CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly.

We had the pleasure of being invited to The Entrepreneur Adventure Podcast, hosted by Josh Melton and Chad Brown. This podcast is on the mission to deliver entrepreneurship wisdom on topics like startups, personal development, leadership, and management so that anyone, regardless of the stage of their journey, can successfully navigate the thrill that is The Entrepreneur Adventure.

In this episode, the admirable hosts interviewed the founder of Get Staffed Up and Trembly Law, Brett Trembly. Both businesses are successful and keep on growing through the years. During the interview, Brett shared some facts about his professional journey, and how he came up with the idea of creating Get Staffed Up, a virtual company dedicated to helping lawyers and small business owners to delegate their way to freedom, by growing their teams with talented offshore virtual assistants.

Podcast hosts, Chad and Josh, were interested in asking Brett the story behind the such growing success. He revealed that scaling his business through virtual assistants and thereby freeing up his time so he can work smarter, not harder, was the key to productivity and efficiency. Brett even compared this situation with running a restaurant. He assured me that you can’t be the waiter, the chef, the cook, or the host, all at once. That would just result in the worst customer service experience for the clients. The key to success is to grow a qualified team you can trust, and delegate the business tasks. 

With this mindset, Get Staffed Up is expected to join the ranks of the top 5000 fastest-growing US businesses in the current year, 2021. As a general overview, some of the relevant topics discussed during the podcast episode were delegation, staffing, freedom, and of course, virtual assistance. 

The Entrepreneur Adventure Podcast, episode 35 “Work Smarter to Scale your Business with Brett Trembly” is now available. CLICK HERE to listen the full episode.

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