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Take Back Time Podcast


Take Back Time Podcast hosted by Penny Zenker featuring Get Staffed Up's Co-Founder Brett Trembly discussing Delegating Work While Staying On Your Of Your Game.

On April 30, 2021, we were honored to be featured on the Take Back Time Podcast. Hosted by former strategic business coach for Tony Robbins, best-selling author and international speaker, Penny Zenker. Penny shares her experience and insights on simple and practical time management that will help you be more efficient and effective. And how it is possible to find greater balance, fulfillment, and scale your business if you Take Back Time.

In this episode, Penny discusses with Brett Trembly, co-founder of Get Staffed Up, how to achieve freedom by delegating work. Brett starts by discussing how his virtual staffing company taught him the importance of working with the right people. This way, attorneys can focus on what they do best, and virtual assistants can focus on tackling all administrative tasks. 

The paradox

Oftentimes we complain about delegation because we feel like we losing control over something – when the actual opposite is true. Why is it that we think we don’t have the money to hire someone else? but only by hiring someone we will get the money? It’s a paradox. Hiring the right person who will take care of the emails and answer the firm’s telephone calls, will allow you to have that extra time available for billable hours. The key is to start now.

Furthermore, Brett discusses the right strategies to make any delegation successful and yield the most profitable results to the owner and the entire business. One of these strategies is onboarding. Again and again, we hire someone new, and dump tasks on them, and don’t follow up. As a result, we have bad experiences and decide to rather do everything ourselves. Brett gives some tips on how to successfully onboard a new member by giving feedback and changing our mindset.

Lastly, Penny and Brett also share their morning routines. They explain how having the right mindset at the beginning of the day allows you to start your day being proactive and not reactive. And as a result, become more productive. 

You can listen to the full Take Back Time Podcast, HERE.


“You were put on this earth for a reason, and you cannot fulfill that if you’re trying to do everything yourself” – Brett Trembly

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