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Financially Legal Podcast


Financially Legal Podcast

On March 30th, 2022, Brett Trembly, attorney, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on Financially Legal Podcast. Hosted by Dan Lear, head of marketing and partnerships at Gravity Legal. Gravity Legal empowers entrepreneurial, mission-driven, lawyers and law firms who are committed to improving equality and expanding access to the law.

Dan and Brett begin by discussing one of the biggest challenges faced when starting a law firm, scaling. Starting a law firm can be relatively easy, but growing and expanding, that’s the difficult part. Once you have decided to grow, you must put yourself out there. And even if you fail at some stage, you must introspect, learn, and not be afraid to fail. Scaling your firm with staff is one of the most effective ways to grow. Still, many lawyers are afraid to hire. However, when you are alone doing all things yourself. From answering every phone call, and email, and taking marketing opportunities; you have little to no time for legal work. Or even worse, you allocate your nights and weekends to get the work done.

From 2008 to 2014 Brett was doing everything himself. In 2014, he made his first hire and delegated all administrative tasks that literally cost $10 an hour. With the time he freed up, he could focus on the legal, billable, work. His revenue doubled within the first two months. In 2025 he hired his first attorney, and three months later, a second attorney. As the team grew, so did the business. Now Trembly Law has over ten attorneys.

Staff is The Key to Scale and Success

Switch your mindset from “I have to do everything to I have to hire and recruit” to a team that will take care of your business and helps grow your business. Dan asked Brett how he pivoted from a law firm to Get Staffed Up? Brett and his business partner saw that helping law firms staff up was a huge opportunity not only for him but for the law firm. So in mid-2018 they officially opened Get Staffed Up and it has been incredible. Although Get Staffed Up does not advocate for replacing local talent, we all need an additional pair of hands that will help us grow. Having a nice mix of onshore and offshore team members can support the business model without hurting the budget. 

Furthermore, Dan and Brett discuss ways a lawyer could benefit from hiring virtual assistants. As a full-time team member, a virtual assistant can be trained to do any traditional role. However, the most common tasks they perform are content writing or website updates, video editing, receptionist, intake coordinator, legal assistant, and a billing clerk.

Lastly, Brett shares how fulfilling it is to witness how many lives Get Staffed Up has changed by providing full-time jobs to real people. If you’re interested in taking advantage of Brett’s free staffing resources that he mentions at the end of the podcast, check out: https://getstaffedup.com/financiallylegal  


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