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Systems Simplified Podcast

Systems Simplified Podcast

On March 5th, 2022, Brett Trembly, attorney, best-selling author, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on the Systems Simplified Podcast. Hosted by Adi Klevit. The Systems Simplified podcast features top leaders who share stories on how to successfully systemize a business. Adi Klevit is the founder and CEO of Business Success Consulting Group. BSCG provides business owners and key executives with strategic implementation, process improvement, and long-lasting systems necessary to support business expansion.

In this amazing episode, Adi and Brett talk about top delegation challenges and solutions. They start by exploring some of the reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to delegate. They go over the main two types of businesspeople. First, the drifters, these are the types of people who work very hard but they tend to not think five, or ten years down the line and struggle to take advice. Drifters, will continue doing the same routine over and over again, and not grow. The second type of people, have convinced themselves that no one can do the job as good as they can. These types of people, plan ahead, but they struggle to grow because they “cannot” find someone as good as them.

The Right Time To Delegate

To break away from the previously mentioned mindsets, Brett suggests creating a hiring plan. The first step is hiring a team member who will be able to help take over all the non-profitable administrative tasks. However, you may also assess your current team’s capacity and delegate to an in-house member. The idea to take away from this is that Time Is Money, so if a task is taking your time, it is also costing you money. And to clarify, it’s not only about the money you’re receiving, or not but also about the loss of opportunities. While spending time on mundane activities, you may be missing the next big client by not attending to them correctly.

Furthermore, Brett and Avi agree that every business owner should ask themselves the following questions: What are the things that my company is not doing that should be doing? Am I sending monthly newsletters to clients? Are we posting on social media regularly? Realize that all these different activities can be delegated. If there is no capacity within the business, hire a virtual assistant.

For more tips on how to Delegate Your Way To Freedom, watch the full Podcast episode HERE, and visit www.getstaffedup.com/systemssimplified to receive a discount on our start-up fee.

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