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On January 20th, 2022, Brett Trembly, attorney, best-selling author, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on Put Lyd On It!: Virtual Events Series. Hosted by Lydia Desnoyers. Lydia is the founder and owner of DesCPA Business Advisory. A Miami-based CPA Firm specializing in Business Advisory and Virtual CFO Solutions since 2010. Today, Lydia and her diverse team empower Women-Owned Law Firms, Small Businesses, and CPAs to have the business and life of their dreams through her firm’s core solutions.

In this special episode, Brett and Lydia share delegation tips that will help you grow your business. The starting point in successful delegation is realizing that every task within the organization has a purpose. Therefore, when hiring an assistant, whether virtually or domestically, we need to let them know that they’re important. Brett and Lydia discuss characteristics of an assistant that need to be considered regarding culture and vision.

To begin with, it’s important to define four, or seven, core values that identify the organization. Once these values have been defined, the hiring process can serve to identify those who match the values. The more clear and transparent you are about these values, the more you will start attracting the right people. The type of people that will help you grow, and that will grow with you. And simultaneously, you will deflect those people who are not a good fit.

Believe in your business ability to grow

Many entrepreneurs don’t want to hire an assistant because they believe they cannot afford it. The truth is that if you invest in the first month of hiring and onboarding, by the second you will see an increase in revenue. Your assistant would have taken care of all administrative tasks and your billable hours would have also increased. This change of mindset is pivotal in any business growing curve.

Furthermore, Brett and Lydia discuss some of the misconceptions people have about getting help in the virtual environment. Brett responds that language is the main misconception. Although we have all been exposed to a foreign person with a difficult-to-understand accent. Brett clarifies that this is not always the case. Throughout Latin America and South Africa people speak very good English, hence why Get Staffed Up’s VAs are from these countries.

Listen to the full episode HERE! And don’t miss the special offer at the end of the episode.

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