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Conscious Business Leader Podcast

The Conscious Business Leader Podcast

This past month we had the honor of being the featured guest on the Conscious Business Leader Podcast created by Anna S. Choi. As a Business Energy Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Forbes Author, Anna is committed to elevating humanity’s consciousness. She wants to do this by empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to focus their energy and balance growth without burnout. The podcast’s guest host is Jen Amos. 

Jen interviewed Brett Trembly, Get Staffed Up’s co-founder. During the interview, Brett shared that in 2018 him and a business partner saw the need that the attorneys had for more help. They knew that hiring processes can get very expensive when done domestically. Based on this knowledge, they figured out international hiring opportunities and maximized that idea. Get Staffed Up is a fast-growing business, probably the largest virtual staffing company already in the US for attorneys. Brett mentioned that 99% of their staff come from Latin America, which makes the time zone difference insignificant. He added that the English language and writing from said Latin virtual assistants is impeccable. Brett assured that that’s how you get higher quality virtual assistants. 

One of the main topics discussed during the interview was managing the cultural diversity on Get Staffed Up’s team. This point came from the fact that the virtual staffers come from different countries from all around the world. Brett mentioned that the mix of personalities and backgrounds was just fascinating for him. 

Another relevant issue mentioned during the interview was Brett’s clarification for when people erroneously think that GSU takes job opportunities away from the U.S. Brett assured that most virtual assistants have jobs that people in the U.S. generally don’t look for, so we at Get Staffed Up are filling a gap. 

“We help the global economy. It is a win-win situation because we help people in their different countries and people in the US, law firms and business owners.” – Brett Trembly

You can listen to the full episode HERE.

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