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Building to Scale Podcast


Building to scale podcast featuring Get Staffed Up's CEO and CO-Founder, Brett Trembly.

On May 4th, 2021, we were honored to be featured on the Building to Scale Podcast. Hosted by Jeff Chastain, a business transformation coach with Admentus. Jeff coaches business leaders and their teams with a proven set of principles and tools. Every week he presents real entrepreneurs’ stories that showcase the challenges and successes in building and scaling an entrepreneurial business. 

In this episode, Jeff discusses the entrepreneur’s roadmap to success with the co-founder of Get Staffed Up, Brett Trembly. Brett shares how many entrepreneurs struggle with the first part of the business – hiring people – because they think it will be expensive, difficult to train, and time-consuming. So many times they end up doing everything themselves. However, the focus should be on being experts in their law, or business, areas, rather than an expert everywhere. 

Delegate your way to freedom

As Brett says, “Too many lawyers treat their law firm like a hot dog stand on the corner, rather than a real restaurant.” The only way to actually grow your business is to get things off your plate and focus on the areas that genuinely generate revenue. 

Jeff and Brett agree that if you don’t have an assistant, you are an assistant with 60-plus hats. Therefore, delegation is the key to success. It is a skill that every leader requires, and it is important to know how to do it effectively and efficiently.

Lastly, they realize that time is more valuable than money. One needs to figure out ways to grow as an individual continually, and this will then help the growth of the firm, or business.

You can listen to the Building to Scale Podcast HERE.



“I doubled my revenue the next month because instead of spending one hour a day on legal work I was able to spend two hours a day on legal work” – Brett Trembly

“This is not outsourcing; this is bringing someone into your team, full-time” – Brett Trembly

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