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The After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast


The After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast hosted by Mark Savant and special guest, Get Staffed Up CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Trembly.

We are more than happy to share with you that we recently were featured on The After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast. Brett Trembly, our Get Staffed Up co-founder was the honored guest speaker. The host, Mark Savant, helps businesses grow by implementing digital media strategies and building a solid online presence.

During the interview, Brett shared some interesting insights about the 3 things every business owner should outsource. The first is administrative assistance, followed by the receptionist (intake coordinator) tasks, and finally, marketing assistance. Learn why you should try to outsource these aspects and start delegating your way to freedom in this episode.

Brett insists that it is necessary to delegate some of the business tasks to other people in your team. This way you can concentrate on making your firm grow. 

“In order to be more, you need to do less” – Brett Trembly

Brett also discussed the feedback Get Staffed Up is receiving from their clients. He admitted that right now they’re in a “dream situation.” Nowadays they keep positive feedback from their clients and grow admirably fast. 

“We are growing like wildfire! Approximately 80% of it is due to our client’s referrals to their respective industries” – Brett Trembly

Brett and Mark discussed some tips and tricks that business owners should implement to make sure they hire the best of the best. Some of the recommendations they made included asking for video applications. They also suggested focusing on resumes until the end of the hiring process, rather than prioritizing them at the beginning., as it’s usually done.

Go ahead and listen to The After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast “How to Hire Virtual Assistant | Outsourcing with Brett Trembly” full episode HERE.

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