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The Rainmaking Podcast

The Rainmaking Podcast

On August 26, 2020, we had the honor of being the featured guest on the The Rainmaking Podcast, hosted by Scott Love. He is passionate about inspiring people to reach their full potential in the workplace and speaks professionally on the topic of client development, rainmaking, and high-level sales. This podcast is for professional services firms, law firms, and professional sales people. Listen and discover the secrets of the world’s leading experts in client development, business development, sales, closing, prospecting, networking, negotiation, influence, motivation, and achievement.

In this episode, Scott and Brett discuss why failing to get help often holds lawyers and entrepreneurs back. We entrepreneurs can certainly do anything, but we can’t do everything. Imagine owning a restaurant and being the chef, the waiter, the cashier,… impossible! They both agree on how important it is to take things off your plate, don’t be afraid to hire and start delegating your way to freedom.

Brett also shares his experience about when he started his own law firm. His fear of failure and of not being able to pay an employee disappeared after finally taking that step of onboarding his first assistant and doubling his revenue in the first month. He then started hiring more employees and delegating more so it was very important for him to create systems and procedures. Daily, all of his team has a morning huddle to share what they will be working on that day, and everyone has to send an end of the day report and a weekly scorecard.

The weekly scorecard is essential for good feedback, communication, and for actually getting things done. For example, if you hire a marketing assistant, you can line items of 10 to 15 weekly tasks that you want to assign to him or her: 1) Send a newsletter weekly. 2) Upload three new leads daily. 3) LinkedIn, and then you can have several columns that say: comment on 5 posts per week, 15 contacts added, no miss responses to comments, among other tasks. This means your assistant will be engaging with your contacts and find potential new clients on social media. At the end of each week you will know their scores and have a profile of their performance and you can start giving them more things to do.

They also share pretty cool insights on how important it is to have a business coach and a growth mindset. Even the best of the best have a coach. You are never done learning in business, there is not a finish line where you know everything. You have to continually push yourself and reach outside of yourself. Lastly, they also suggest to ‘not cover your eyes’, which means to never ignore reality and have the confidence to make decisions that will set you in the path of success.

You can listen to The Rainmaking Podcast HERE.

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