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Legacy Podcast


Legacy Podcast featuring Get Staffed Up's Co-Founder and CEO, Brett Trembly discussing The Importance of Delegation.

On May 17th, 2021, Brett Trembly, attorney, best-selling author, and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on Legacy Podcast. Hosted by Chris Wilmerding, President of Thayer Partners. Chris is an experienced advisor who guides leaders through succession and exit planning. He has worked on billion-dollar cross-border and international deals and has helped hundreds of successful business owners build their legacy.

In this episode, Chris and Brett discuss the importance of delegation. Brett starts by introducing Get Staffed Up as the largest virtual staffing company for attorneys and legal companies in the United States. And the reason why they are the leading company is that they hire incredible people through their unique hiring process. As Brett mentioned in the podcast, “the wrong hiring process leads to frustration”. However, we need to learn to be the type of employer that people want to work for as employees. No one is entitled to great employees, we gotta earn them by investing time in onboarding. 

Better than 95% of the competition

Chris asked Brett the one thing that Get Staffed Up does better compared to the 95% of the competition – Recruitment.  Brett assures that recruitment is the one thing Get Staffed Up does better than the competition, as well as the company culture. Attorneys and offshore professionals show interest and want to be associated with the company.

Furthermore, Chris wonders how Brett became the amazing businessman he is today. From a kid, Brett has been very fond of business and an entrepreneur at heart. During the early stages of his career, he found out the hard way that being a good entrepreneur doesn’t guarantee success. But when you delegate work, you win working hours. He learned to delegate his way to freedom, and now he has freed hundreds of attorneys nationwide.

Lastly, the legacy Brett would like to leave behind is to inspire his children to be the best version of themselves. As well as, to be an advocate of the free market and to work hard for your dreams.

You can listen to the full Legacy Podcast, HERE.


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