How to Delegate When Dealing With Dog Bite Cases

The dog is known worldwide as man’s best friend, thanks to their usual loyalty and devotion. However, due to different circumstances, mainly negligence and poor training, each day nearly 1,000 U.S. citizens require emergency care treatment for serious dog bite injuries.  Personal Injury attorneys dealing with dog bite cases must always be alert and ready to […]

Law Firms Commemorating Memorial Day

Who doesn’t love a long weekend? The perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family over a delicious barbecue. However, Memorial Day is more than just a three-day long weekend to have fun. It’s an important date to reflect on the sacrifices made by military personnel and to honor their memory. Join us […]

Candid Convos with Brett Trembly (100th Episode Special)

Welcome to a very special episode of Candid Convos! This time we’re celebrating our 100th episode with an incredible guest, Get Staffed Up’s CEO, co-founder, and best-selling author, Brett Trembly. Brett is also an attorney and the law firm owner of Trembly Law. Through virtual staffing, he has helped hundreds of lawyers achieve a “Liberated […]

Lawyers Working Remotely: Happy Work from Home Day!

It’s 2024, the digital age is well on its way with so many advancements it is hard to keep track of. For lawyers, this has come with a variety of tools and software that have allowed them to not only work from their offices but from pretty much anywhere. This has quickly changed the generally […]

Law Firm Owners – Why You Should be Taking More Vacations

Lawyers are one of the hardest-working professionals out there. They are devoted to helping their clients and making the most of every second to improve their practice, however, when it comes to reaping the benefits of their hard work and relaxing by taking time off for vacation, well, that’s another story.  Let’s be honest, a […]

Candid Convos with Jennifer Novak

Welcome to a new episode of Candid Convos! On this special occasion, our host Joe (Senior Community Coordinator) had an engaging conversation with environmental attorney and law firm owner Jennifer Novak. She specializes in water quality, water rights, environmental enforcement matters, land use, endangered species, litigation, remediation, and natural resources.  Jennifer’s practice consists of mainly […]

Law Day – Building Stronger Solutions Together

What’s Law Day? (The Origins) The practice of law has been around for well over a thousand years. The first known legal decision was in 1850 B.C. And in 1700 BC the first written laws were established by the Babylonian king, Hammurabi. Since then, law practice has become an integral part of modern societies. Flash […]

When and How Should you Expand your Offshore Team?

Running a successful law firm is not easy. As an elder law attorney, you need to be focused on your client’s needs, who may be vulnerable to exploitation, neglect, and abuse. To achieve success, you need to be fully focused on critical legal aspects so you can provide an outstanding service and not be distracted […]

Candid Convos with Adam Williams

Welcome to a new episode of Candid Convos!  On this occasion, our host Joe (Senior Community Coordinator) sat down and had an insightful conversation with speaker, coach, author, entrepreneur, business corporate lawyer, and founder of Rust Belt Law, Adam Williams!  Adam’s background comes from a family of entrepreneurs. When he was a small child, he started […]

Celebrating Diversity in Law Firms and Why it Matters More than Ever

Imagine going through all the facets of your life limited to only one option. Regardless of activity or circumstance. For example, going to a burger place with just one beverage and one hamburger option, or going to the movies and only one movie is available… We can agree that scenario would be pretty dull, boring, […]