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Candid Convos with Brett Trembly (100th Episode Special)

Welcome to a very special episode of Candid Convos! This time we’re celebrating our 100th episode with an incredible guest, Get Staffed Up’s CEO, co-founder, and best-selling author, Brett Trembly. Brett is also an attorney and the law firm owner of Trembly Law. Through virtual staffing, he has helped hundreds of lawyers achieve a “Liberated Lawyer Lifestyle.” Join us in this special episode and learn the unseen and highly valuable rewards you’ll unlock by delegating.

What Does “Freedom” Mean?

Brett has helped hundreds of law firm owners achieve freedom through delegation. He states how when a lawyer starts a new firm, they basically do all the work and how that’s never efficient.   

“Having the delegation is what gives you the time freedom and the financial freedom to make decisions based upon your priorities and your values.”  

Hiring enough people allows the law firm owner to focus on high-value tasks and the things that matter most to achieve true freedom and a great work-life balance.

Overcoming Staffing Challenges 

The process of delegating is not always linear and it’s not always clean. Regardless of how different people might be, some may be better delegators than others, but that doesn’t mean you should not go through with it. You still must exercise your delegation muscles and learn how to elevate yourself and build a better version of your practice and yourself.  

“Get rid of those things that are preventing you from living the life that you want.”  

Brett mentions that the only way to achieve freedom is to take the tasks in your law firm and give them to someone else because those tasks aren’t going to go away either. To provide a powerful onboarding for your staffers you must show them how you want things done. The more time you put into it, the better your team’s going to be.

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Life-Changing Impact for Lawyers and their Staffers

When you build a great offshore team, you are not only helping yourself attain a better lifestyle, but you are also helping your staff by providing them with great job opportunities. Mutual collaboration goes a long way, just think about how your offshore employees feel better, more secure, more stable, and motivated as they help you build the law firm of your dreams, not a bad sight, right?  

“It is really rewarding helping lawyers go from overwhelmed to overjoyed.”  

Thank you for helping lawyers achieve freedom and joy in their work and for helping offshore employees find better jobs to provide for their families, Brett! Lastly, if you already are enjoying the Liberated Lawyer Lifestyle and know someone who could benefit from delegation through offshore staffing, don’t hesitate to refer a colleague to us. Click here to start referring

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