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Candid Convos with Jim Blake

It’s Candid Convo time! 

On this special occasion, our dear Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator) engages in a delightful conversation with Jim Blake, founder and CEO of Bambiz Marketing. Bambiz is a marketing agency that works exclusively with elder law and estate planning attorneys; it champions the cause of connecting families with expert legal advisors, ensuring every household is backed by a solid plan. 

Transforming Attorney Events into Client Magnets

Most attorneys struggle to get in front of quality clients since they don’t know where to start to effectively promote their services. Jim’s agency gets estate attorneys noticed in their respective communities, so they stand out from the competition, grow their practice, and have a positive impact on families across America.

“The attorneys I met were struggling to get in front of quality clients. They didn’t know where to start to effectively promote their services.”

40,000+ Magnet Client Pictures

Keeping Things Simple

Providing clear information that is easy to understand and that doesn’t contain jargon is one of Jim’s main goals. PNC can use the tools and playbooks Bambiz offers to find tremendous value and improve their practices. Through technology and concise explanation, Jim’s clients get a glimpse of what results they can expect and how they are going to achieve said results. 

“Stop stressing about finding new business and utilize your strengths. We will take care of the rest and help you win.”

Jim closes by promoting his incredible upcoming event in Denver called “The Estate Planning and Elder Law Marketing Summit”, where people will learn about different tools and practices that will help them improve their lifestyle and business. From sharing playbooks and onboarding manuals for offshore assistants to AI implementation for productivity and growth, this is a must for any estate or elder law attorney. Register here.


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