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Candid Convos with Kati Komorosky

Welcome to a special episode of Candid Convos! 

This time, our dear host Joe Bravo is joined by GSU’s very own Colleen Young (CMO). They share an insightful conversation with Plaintiff’s attorney, public speaker, coach, and law firm owner, Kati Komorosky. 

Komorosky Law, P.L.L.C. just crossed the 1-year threshold. Thanks to a strong work ethic and reputation, her growth and success have been incredible, mainly in the Family law field. However, due to wearing many different hats within her firm, Kati realized it was time to delegate certain key but time-consuming tasks to some smart and capable.

Accelerated Growth Through Hiring

At the beginning of 2024, through GSU, Kati’s first virtual assistant hire took place. She hired an offshore executive assistant because she looked at all her time and how and where it was spent. Kati was bogged down with so much administrative work which did not allow her to focus on her backlog of leads. She hired someone who could help her catch up on everything while focusing on important legal work.

“I think at some point I’ll hire somebody that will take over the family practice portion, and then I can just oversee it.” 

The fit was a match made in heaven, as Kati was paired with someone with the exact background specifications she needed, making the onboarding process smoother. Thanks to delegating several administrative tasks, Kati is now on a fast track to get herself to a point where she’s managing the firm.

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Focus on doing legal work that Kati is passionate about has been tremendous and has allowed her to also find a stronger sense of work-life balance. With more time back on her plate, she can spend time traveling instead of being stuck at her desk seven days a week. However, it is not all about Kati, she also wants the best for her team, so they can achieve as well a powerful work-life balance. 

“My friends and family want to know how I’m in certain places in the middle of the day, and I say: I hired a full-time virtual assistant. Then they say that I must be doing really well.” 

As a law firm owner who delegates, Kati now can take time off (as long as she does not need to be in court) as she needs to. You too can level up your practice and find balance for your law firm and your life.

Contact us and start delegating your way to freedom. 


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