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Candid Convos with John Cannon

Welcome back to another episode of Candid Convos! In this episode, we welcome law firm owner and attorney John Cannon. His law firm, Cannon and Associates, specializes in Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Family law. John is dedicated to helping clients and their families through difficult situations, fighting for their rights while always keeping his clients informed. With John, you can expect competent and caring counsel by your side throughout your case.

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You’re The Law Firm Owner – You Need to Delegate 

John started his law firm in 2019 and by 2021, his firm was determined to be the fastest-growing law firm in the United States, having just under 1900% growth over three years. With ten attorneys and a staff of approximately 30 employees, John continues to become better at different elements of the business.

I’ve been fortunate to gradually transition from a lawyer wearing every hat in the office, all the way down to reception and intake, to gradually delegating jobs and roles on and on, to now primarily working on the business, not in the business.

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Hiring Is Scary and Exciting – Take a Chance! 

John started his business, and thanks to his excellent service, more and more clients began to reach out, to the point where he couldn’t take care of all the calls and emails. It was time to hire a Receptionist, which is always scary when you are being a true solo. But then it was necessary to add more teammates, and he hired a lawyer and a paralegal, and growth just kept coming.

Now, John focuses on what he can strategically help the team with and make the right decisions to keep pushing his practice to new heights. Even when facing new problems, John is confident that his team will be ready to face any challenge.

“New level, new devil – There’s never going to be a phase in your business where you don’t have problems. Different levels, different types of problems.” 

John shares with Joe how even in the face of success, there will always be new problems and fears of hiring and finding the right people for your business. Luckily, there are excellent services like Get Staffed Up, that help law firm owners with each step of the hiring process to make sure to find the absolute best fit for your business.

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