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Candid Convos with Adam Williams

Welcome to a new episode of Candid Convos! 

On this occasion, our host Joe (Senior Community Coordinator) sat down and had an insightful conversation with speaker, coach, author, entrepreneur, business corporate lawyer, and founder of Rust Belt LawAdam Williams! 

Adam’s background comes from a family of entrepreneurs. When he was a small child, he started his first business with a classical lemonade stand, which paved the way for his many future endeavors. In 2011 he started his law firm, which has steadily grown and achieved numerous accolades. One of the most recent ones being listed in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list. His firm serves entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses of all shapes and sizes, and helps them with the issues that keep them up at night. 

Adam and his wife also launched “Pennywise Tax Strategies” where they focus on proactive tax planning for business owners throughout the year. A good tax strategy can help you avoid penalties and interest, reduce your tax liability, and ultimately keep more money in your pocket.   

The Power of Intense Onboarding 

Adam’s businesses tend to hire first for culture fit, the type of people that will succeed in his practice, and second, he hires based on experience. In case the prospect doesn’t have the required experience, they make sure they can learn it. Adam’s “focused onboarding” is known for being pretty intense, because his team is trying to break the process into three categories. They focus on the mechanics of the office, how things operate, and then the specifics of the job. 

“The clients are happy, and the employees are happy because they get to work together so we do have our employees from start to finish paying attention to the entire client life cycle through our business… so yeah, our boarding is intense.” 

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