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Candid Convos with Jennifer Novak

Welcome to a new episode of Candid Convos! On this special occasion, our host Joe (Senior Community Coordinator) had an engaging conversation with environmental attorney and law firm owner Jennifer Novak. She specializes in water quality, water rights, environmental enforcement matters, land use, endangered species, litigation, remediation, and natural resources. 

Jennifer’s practice consists of mainly employees working on a hybrid modality, only her offshore staff works remotely full-time. For Jennifer, her virtual employees must be properly onboarded to perform at the best of their abilities in the least time possible. She records herself trying to explain the firm’s history, what’s meaningful to her, how you (the virtual assistant) will succeed in the firm, and her expectations. 

What It Takes to Run a Successful Environmental Law Firm Practice?

For Jennifer and her team, it is crucial to have effective processes, procedures, and systems that can be quickly updated if needed. Whenever something goes wrong, everyone knows they need a policy on that circumstance, to ensure we avoid it in the future. 

Nurturing a great work environment is something else Jennifer has always had in consideration. She believes that if people are open to working together and collaborating on new ideas, the works get done more creatively and efficiently. And for her remote assistant, it is no different, as she’s always communicating back and forth via apps, emails, or video calls. 

The Power of FIKA

A particular effort has contributed to building a stronger working culture in her practice for people who are working remotely, with the FIKA method. FIKA it’s a Swedish word for when people sit down for coffee together for 5-10 minutes. She implements this every week, where each employee is assigned a FIKA partner, and for 10 minutes, sometimes more they get to chat and share things about their lives. The only rule is they cannot discuss work during FIKA time. This approach has been very beneficial in fostering stronger internal relationships. 

Thank you for your insights, Jennifer! We love seeing how you and your team continue to thrive and help people and our planet through your fierce dedication.

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