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Law Firm Owners – Why You Should be Taking More Vacations

Lawyers are one of the hardest-working professionals out there. They are devoted to helping their clients and making the most of every second to improve their practice, however, when it comes to reaping the benefits of their hard work and relaxing by taking time off for vacation, well, that’s another story. 

Let’s be honest, a lot of attorneys suck at relaxing. Just the feeling of not being around their office and checking emails can quickly drive them anxious. Whether it’s dealing with unstructured times or the feeling of being out of the work loop, attorneys who do make an effort to take a vacation or staycation do not fully disconnect nor embrace the positive effects that time off should provide.

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Work To Live, Don’t Live To Work 

For some solo and small law firm owners, taking time off their duties means less revenue. Considering even the possibility of vacation seems like a crazy idea. It’s only when they are convinced (sometimes even forced) to go on vacation that they realize they should have done it sooner. 

Taking a real break from work provides a wide array of benefits you as a law firm owner should take advantage of. The benefits lawyers experience are: 

  • Greatly reduce stress 
  • Relaxation 
  • Recharge and Invigoration 
  • Reconnect with personal life priorities 
  • Joy by spending quality time with loved ones 
  • Improved mental health

Just by simply starting to plan your next trip you’ll notice how your happiness level increases. If you feel that disconnecting yourself from your firm will severely affect its productivity, you need to trust your team and your clients. People are more empathetic than you think. Everyone knows you work very hard, and more importantly, YOU know if you don’t take vacations soon, your work-life balance will imminently crash and burn.

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How Can You Take More and Better Vacations? 

There’s an old saying: “No one on their death bed has ever said they wish they’d spent more time at the office”. Working and building an incredible career is important, but that doesn’t mean your whole life should revolve around work. That’s why you need to leverage the perks of delegating to a capable and trustworthy team. 

Just imagine this: You are on the beach, the fresh sea breeze impregnates your face, and every breath you take (not referring to the stalker song of course) calms your mind and sets your heart at ease. It’s been 2 days since you checked your inbox, and you feel confident everything is being taken care of… Not a bad sight, right? 

Delegation has allowed countless legal professionals to enjoy an improved work-life balance. Thanks to offshore teams who take care of all the administrative, marketing, and billing tasks while you are away. Knowing full well your business is in safe hands will dramatically boost your life enjoyment and let you and your family reap the benefits of your hard work. Some of the tasks you should immediately delegate the minute you disconnect for some well-deserved me time could be:

  • Answering Your Phones
  • Taking Messages 
  • Scheduling Call-backs Pursuant to Your Calendar 
  • Patching Caller Through to Other Departments/People at Your Firm 
  • Placing Outbound Calls for Your Scheduled Appointments 
  • Handling Clients Questions That Don’t Need Your Attention 
  • Following up With Online Inquiries


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Now you know, vacation time is vital to your mental health. So, mark your calendar and prepare for your next unforgettable trip (we should mention that work conferences don’t count as vacations) as you delegate to your offshore team. So here’s an idea. How about delegating all the tasks mentioned above to an incredible virtual receptionist?

Are you interested in hiring extraordinary talent to delegate to so you can enjoy countless vacations with your loved ones? CLICK HERE and learn about our 7 key hires.

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