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The ONE Thing: Hire Before July 1st!

In this email, I have one announcement so important, that it is the ONLY thing this month.  That’s right.  Eat your heart out Gary Keller.  It’s the ONE thing.

Legacy Pricing is Sunsetting – Hire Before July 1st!

In March of 2022, I started the Three Things email discussing inflation.

Fortunately for all of us, inflation took longer to spread to the offshore/nearshore world.  Unfortunately, however, it’s now rearing its ugly head, and we have to react accordingly.  In order to continue to match you with the best talent that the nearshore world has to offer, and to reduce turnover, we must continue to pay premium rates.

We know that stability is valued by our clients, which is why we haven’t raised prices in more than four years.  During this time we’ve done everything it takes to keep your costs low while ensuring a competitive wage for your staffers.

Now, granted, I’ve never met anyone who loves a price increase. However, at our lowest level, the increased cost will still be less than $12.50/hour, so relatively speaking, it’s still not a lot of money.  Nevertheless, we’re sensitive to raising prices, so we wanted to relay a few pieces of good news as well:

First, prices on your current deals won’t change one bit.  Any staffer you have will continue to be staffed at current rates.

Second, most of the increased pay is going directly to the staffers.

Third, you have until June 30th to sign up for new staffers at the legacy rates!  So if you’re planning on hiring, do it now!  Whether it’s one or 100, every staffer you hire before July 1st will be at the current rates.

Finally, in addition to the increased pay and benefits we’ll be offering staffers, starting July 1, 2023, all new hires will receive automatic pay raises every six months.

Your Happiness Coordinator will be reaching out to you soon to ensure that you’re able to take advantage of current rates before June 30th, and reap the benefits of our new model, starting July 1st.

In closing, we are excited about these changes, which will provide greater quality, longer tenure, reduced replacement time, and staffer turnover to our clients. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!


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