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Staffer’s Holiday Bonus, GSU goes B.O.L.D. and a definition for Delegation

Hi, You’ve heard me say this before, “Time is infinitely more valuable than money, especially at this juncture in your business.” So, I’m keeping this introduction to our “Three Things” email short. Let’s jump right in…

1. Recognizing your Staffer with a Holiday Bonus

With the holidays just around the corner, many of you are looking to recognize the outstanding efforts of your Staffers. Please remember that 100% of any bonus money goes directly to your Staffer (and any associated costs). GSU does NOT make a penny on bonuses.

If you’d like to give your Staffer a holiday bonus this year, please let us know no later than November 15, 2023. This will ensure your Staffer receives the money in time for the holidays. Extra bonuses go a long way to letting your Staffer know how great they’re doing!

2. Get Staffed Up Goes B.O.L.D.

The Law Firm Mentor welcomed Get Staffed Up (GSU) to participate in their 2023 Be B.O.L.D. Conference. Solo and small law firm attorneys made their way to Minneapolis, Minnesota to participate in this elite, three-day retreat where they tackled the toughest of topics: Systems and Finance, Sales and Marketing, People and Corporate Culture.

Our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Colleen Young, took center stage on Saturday, October 29th presenting, “Being a Market Leader doesn’t mean YOU Lead Marketing”. The topic hit home with all of us who have tried (unsuccessfully) wearing multiple hats when growing our firms. Colleen articulated her challenges as she is new to GSU, and having previously led a much smaller team, it’s a whole new ballgame for her. As our recently appointed CMO, she faces several challenges: (1) understanding our legal universe while learning a new, diversely talented marketing team; (2) what and to whom she should delegate work; and (3) finding time to teach and keep up with market trends, all while doing what I hired her to do – plan and implement our marketing strategy.

Us lawyers can relate, right?! Hopefully not to the execution of the tactical social media and advertising but the overriding theme of “Do what you hired yourself to do – be the lawyer – and delegate the rest to trained professionals, allowing them to do what they do best.”

Leaving the audience with a marketing roadmap worksheet and these soul-searching words, “If you are spending your time on Canva or any other fun, creative design tool, you are not practicing law. And you are losing revenue, rapidly.” I think that says it all.

If you would like a copy of the marketing roadmap worksheet, please reply to this email and let us know!

3. Delegation Defined

Some people work overtime to sabotage themselves, their time, and therefore their future selves by espousing the belief that delegation is a dirty word.

Here’s a definition of delegation I found recently that I really love:

“Encouraging and empowering others to take ownership and be accountable for getting their job(s) done in a way that meets your goals and objectives in line with the broader goals of the organization. Extraordinary leaders provide strategic guidance while trusting subordinate leaders to execute within their subject matter expertise.”

Delegation to a Staffer isn’t just “passing the work”. It truly means allowing a Staffer who is a skilled, trained professional to take ownership of projects and tasks, and perform them well.

But of course, growing your team is about finding warm bodies. It’s about finding the best of the best. Your goal should be to build the best team possible. As Marc Cuban says, “business is a contact sport.” In sport, you want the biggest, best and brightest players. And we thank you for trusting us to find you the absolute best the offshore/nearshore world has to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information. I hope you find it useful, beneficial. See you next month with three other “things” specifically designed for you!


Brett Trembly

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