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“Hi, I’m Colleen Young – It’s Good to Meet You!”

“The bottom line is that growth comes from adding bandwidth to get more done, and 90% of that comes from hiring.” –Brett Trembly, 24 Months to Freedom.

The man takes his hiring and delegation seriously, and that’s why you’re receiving this month’s “Three Things” email from me, Colleen Young. But before I go too far, a short introduction…

1.“Hi, I’m Colleen Young – It’s Good to Meet You!”

In August of 2023, Get Staffed Up onboarded me as Chief Marketing Officer. I won’t take you too far back into my career because, honestly, when I started in marketing, it was done on stone tablets. Okay not that long ago, but newspapers were still a viable advertising medium and people actually did read them.

Prior to GSU, I led marketing for a Medical Services Organization (MSO) which exposed me to multiple medical disciplines, including orthopedics, physical therapy, urgent care, MRI, and more. Medical marketing is, believe it or not, very similar to the trials we face in marketing law services. There has to be a market need. And when there is a need, you and your firm have to be top of mind and easily accessible to those with the need.

2. So What Else Would You Like to Know? How About: I Love Human Reactions

Yeah I know Brett said that same thing in his book. But as a marketing person, I do love human interaction and reaction.

Sure face to face is best. Conferences and events set the perfect stage for meeting and greeting colleagues, allowing us to make connections, which we all hope will stand the test of “LinkedIn” time. Social media opens the door to both wanted and unwanted opinions, comments, and critiques. Putting my marketing out there, and getting reactions is how I know if my marketing is working, or not working. But at the end of the day, I can’t let others run my campaigns or create my creative. I have to ask myself the right questions to make my marketing better.

Maybe think about your law firm in the same way. After all, asking the tough questions is in your lawyer DNA. So ask yourself….

  1. Are you being honest with the one person who matters? (FYI, that’s Yourself!)
  2. Are you running your firm, or is your law firm running you?
  3. Are you protecting your #1 asset aka. your time?

3. Delegate Your Gift-Giving To Us!

Digging deep to find a holiday gift for a colleague? Whether they’re fresh from law school or a 20-year practitioner — 24 Months to Freedom is a great gift that never loses its appeal. It’s the right size and the right color. Case closed!

We know how busy the holiday season can get, so in the spirit of true delegation, we want to send a copy of 24 Months to Freedom as a gift to whoever you want to!  Simply click here, complete the short form and the gift will be on its way – We’ll also include a holiday wish card stating the book is from you!

Every chapter in this book is strategically crafted to overcome those mental barriers that prevent your growth and provide you with actionable goals, paving the way for your remarkable achievements. It’s a 24-Month timeline that highlights 7 key positions that will lead your way to freedom.

No Dynamic Quotes. No Sage Wisdom. Let’s Be Real. It’s a daunting task crafting my first “Three Things” email at the end of the year. There’s a pressure to deliver this awe-inspiring, impactful message peppered with dynamic quotes and sage wisdom. Well, I’ve decided to break the mold. No canned quotes, no templated messages, not even a traditional “GSU: A Year in Review.”

Brett has “delegated his way to freedom,” affording me the opportunity to communicate with you. And if you have read this far down the email, you know I love reactions, so let’s commit to making these “Three Things” emails a two-way street.

We’ll treat these emails like mini focus groups. Give me feedback and input. Tell me what three things matter most to you with respect to your practice. Talk with me about staffing trends, marketing trends, and business trends. The goal here is to ensure you get value from these emails. Your time is too precious to waste on the fluffy musings from a CMO. Let’s get real.

In closing, I hope throughout 2023, you saw from all of us at GSU incredible energy, a passion for completing the job, and an excuse-free attitude. I’m ending this email on a very sincere note.

Thank you for trusting us with your business and for being a part of the Get Staffed Up family.

On behalf of all of us at GSU, Happy Holidays.

Colleen Young

VP of Marketing

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