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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024! 🎉

I was going to wait until the end of January to send that greeting because without fail, I’ll continue to write, “2023” on all things for a minimum of 30 days. My New Year’s resolution: State the date, correctly. Big aspirations, right?! So begins our journey into the new year and our first “Three Things” email. Let’s jump right in…

1. Take Your LinkedIn To The Next Level With Your Marketing Staffer!

I’ve seen your LinkedIn profile. It’s been a minute since you last posted. Okay more than a minute, like months!

I’m going to again quote Brett, “You’re the Marketing Director for your firm, and you’re failing miserably at your job.” Okay that all sounded really harsh considering you took a huge step in the right direction when you hired a virtual Marketing Assistant from GSU. So I apologize. In an effort to make up for my brash comments, I’m going to offer you, and only you, this competitive advantage…The savvy social media experts of GSU are teaching a Lawyer’s LinkedIn Masterclass🧑‍💻!

This class, open only to your GSU virtual Marketing Assistants, is designed to offer all the necessary tools for you GSU Marketing Assistant to take YOUR LinkedIn profile to the next level. It is a 12-week online course covering everything from profile optimization to content creation to data analysis.

This Lawyer’s LinkedIn Masterclass is truly an exclusive. Seriously, we only have 10 seats available. And these 10 seats are only open to current GSU clients who have a contracted Marketing Assistant at a cost of $850/assistant/seat. Classes will start on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

If you want to learn more about the class and register your GSU Marketing Assistant, you can do so HERE.

2. ABA Tech Show, Join Us!

Back in mid-September our Event Committee met, and members asked if I would represent Get Staffed Up by speaking at the Be B.O.L.D conference in October. I was flattered. Giddy even! Then reality hit me, “I’m speaking to 100 lawyers in less than four weeks. What can I possibly say that will educate, entertain, and most importantly, inspire?”

Long story short -I presented, I fielded questions. The end…well not quite… I didn’t want to give up the microphone. I had been bitten by the public speaking bug! I’m itching to get back on stage and talk all things marketing. Happy to say that we have been invited to speak at the ABA Tech Show in Chicago, February ‘24. Drop in on my session and maybe join me for a coffee after?

Conferences are a great opportunity to network and grow in our respective disciplines. Taking advantage of learning from and talking with firms of all sizes and disciplines from different areas of the country, priceless. You can check all the 2023 … I mean…2024 events GSU will speak, exhibit or attend HERE. We hope to catch you at one!

3. Know Someone Who Should be Staffed Up? Gift them Three Months for FREE!

Know someone who is curious about quickly growing their team with degreed professionals from LATAM? Are they still on the fence when it comes to virtual staffing? This could be the risk-free opportunity for them!

With your referral, they can get THREE STAFFED UP MONTHS FREE! We’ve designed the “Enterprise Free Trial” offer specifically for businesses who need to hire a team of ten or more virtual assistants.
If they qualify, they’ll receive:

  • One start up fee waived
  • Monthly fee waived for three months counting front the Staffers’ start date

Do they qualify for the GSU, “Enterprise Free Trial”?

  • Does their firm have more than five practicing attorneys (practice areas: Personal Injury, Immigration Law, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, or Family Law)? 
  • Does their firm’s executive team have more than ten employees?

Think their firm is ready to take the next step? Simply email Andrea Esquivel Mendez.

P.S. Referring a new client has its perks! Ask us how!

Thanks for reading.

Cheers to an amazing New Year,

Colleen Young

VP of Marketing

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