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Feedback Sessions, our rebranded Facebook community and how to become a #1 Amazon Best Seller

April is here and we’re excited to share with you what’s coming up at Get Staffed Up. We’re hosting feedback sessions with our new VP of Client Experience, launching our rebranded Facebook community, and sharing tips on how to become a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

1. Feedback Sessions with our New VP of Client Experience

Like your business, we always want to improve GSU and that starts by getting honest feedback from our clients. What can we do better? What should we start doing? Stop doing? Surveys are great, but nothing beats an old-fashioned one-to-one conversation. No one can help us improve the client journey more than you.

Here is the LINK to jump on a call with our VP of Client Experience, Michael Barnett. I’m sure his calendar will fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to email him directly at michael.barnett@getstaffedup.com if you can’t find a slot. No pressure, but we know how helpful your insights will be. In fact, we’re going to send you something nice as a token of our appreciation if you decide to join!

Also, if you’re interested in our results from this project, and how we’re making Client Experience a fabric of what we do so you can do the same at your business, we’re happy to share, just respond to this email and we’ll make sure to send it your way!

 2. We’ve Rebranded! Come Join our Facebook Community

Our Facebook presence was recently rebranded to encourage more sharing and engagement. The page formerly known as “Delegate Your Way to Freedom” (which I hope you’re doing!) is now called “Liberated Lawyer Lifestyle” or L3 for short.

Why L3? I’m glad you asked. A Liberated Lawyer is someone who recognizes the importance of setting boundaries between work and personal life and actively works to achieve a balance between the two. They maintain healthy relationships and engage in activities outside of work that bring them joy and fulfillment thus understanding the importance of delegating to not only avoid burnout and maintain their own well-being, but also to better serve their clients with a clear and focused mind.

You can still be on your journey towards becoming a Liberated Lawyer and this group would help you – let’s create a community of Liberated Lawyers!

Please join our community here if you haven’t already!

3. Want to become a #1 Amazon Best Seller?

Do you have a book you’d like to write or even a concept in your head that you’ve always wanted to publish? Writing a book makes you an expert in the eyes of others, and helps you get referrals without countless hours of networking and business card exchanging.

Some gurus out there charge as much as $7,500 for helping you become a #1 Amazon bestseller. But we’re giving you the secret, for free.

We recently recorded a private session with Million Dollar Book author Steve Gordon, where he walked us through how to get best seller status. All you need to do to get access to the private recording is text the word “Book” to 833-899-3272 and you’ll get a link to the recording.

In fact, I’ve been working with Steve to launch my new book 24 Months to Freedom which comes out in April. By texting BOOK to 833-899-3272 you will also get notified when my book is out and will get a discount code so you can help us be a #1 Best Seller!





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