First Anniversary of 24 Months to Freedom

Hey there! Join us and let us raise a virtual toast to the first anniversary of Brett Trembly‘s fantastic book, “24 Months to Freedom.” Being a lawyer himself and the CEO and co-founder of Get Staffed Up (GSU), Brett’s book isn’t just a milestone; it’s a goldmine of wisdom for attorneys and law firm owners. […]

March Alert: Swish! Beat the Tax Madness

During March, the air is filled with passionate madness for sports fans. But for tax attorneys, it’s not just about basketball; it’s the fearsome peak tax season, a time when stress can skyrocket. Due to a combination of managing tasks such as juggling client demands, meeting deadlines, and dealing with all the little intricacies in […]

Championing Change: Women Shaping the Legal Landscape

Women’s Month represents and stands for a lot of important and remarkable achievements of women around the globe. In the legal field, many women have fearlessly shaped the landscape with their leadership, talent, and ambition.   Among these champions are law firm owners whose vision and tenacity have led their practices to become more profitable, […]

Get Ahead: Leverage Holidays and Special Days in Your Social Media Strategy

Hours, days, weeks, and months pass by, and with it also the opportunities to connect with your audience on a deeper level. As law firm owners, you should consider showcasing your firm’s softer side, culture, and community involvement, so it can not only set you apart from the competition but also make your firm stand […]

5 Tasks Tax Attorneys Should Focus on During Peak Tax Season

For many tax attorneys, peak tax season has begun. Facing the busiest time in your tax practice and the overwhelming intake volume it brings so early in the year, can become daunting and exhausting, especially if your law firm’s processes are not streamlined.   This week’s blog focuses on the five impactful tasks tax attorneys […]

4 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Practice

4 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Practice get staffed up blog

Taking the leap to start your own law firm is both exhilarating and nerve-racking. It’s a chance to be your own boss and build the practice of your dreams, but it also comes with many challenges to prepare for. As you lay the groundwork for your new venture, there are four key areas to carefully […]

The heart of the matter: Why we love lawyers

why we love lawyers

In essence, Valentine’s Day seems light-hearted but still intersects with the legal world in terms of relationships, business agreements, hospitality spaces, and, sadly, violence. However, this year, we want to focus on the heart of the matter, why we love a lawyer. Lawyers often get a bad rep for seeming rigid, argumentative, and married to […]

Why Your Law Firm Should Embrace the Pomodoro Technique

Law firm owners and attorneys often find themselves buried in an avalanche of tasks, leaving little room for strategic planning or business growth. At Get Staffed Up, we specialize in connecting law firms with exceptional Offshore Staffers to help maximize productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability. That’s why we recommend embracing the Pomodoro Technique as […]

Delegation Quiz: Learn Which Virtual Assistant Fits Your Law Firm

In the dynamic world of law, staying ahead of the game requires streamlined workflows and powerful delegation. For law firm owners looking to enhance their operations and achieve bigger success, offshore staffing is the cost-efficient solution. However, law firm owners know what they need help with but are not 100% sure of which specific role or position […]