Time To Accomplish Your Goals – Start Hiring!

Vision without action is delusional. As a business owner, you are responsible for conducting and overviewing all the critical pieces that lead to your company’s growth. You understand your time is precious, and to get the most out of it, you need effective processes and great talent to delegate to. With both elements in place, […]

Essential Networking Legal Events to Strengthen Your Law Firm

Without new referrals, your marketing reach is stagnant, and you feel like you are falling behind…  Networking and being aware of legal innovations are crucial components of a successful law practice. In previous years, we’ve seen the power and importance of networking at legal events and how effective they are when finding solutions for law […]

Did Your 2024 Start with a Marketing Roadmap?

Several weeks ago, we recommended upgrading your law firm’s marketing as a business resolution, where you and your team build an incredible, sharp, and organized marketing roadmap. Every law firm needs to market its services to attract new clients. While the marketing fit is more obvious for some practice areas (like personal injury or family […]

Back To Staffing

You heard all the fuss about virtual staffing and decided to give it a shot. You were excited to meet your new Virtual Assistant and start delegating, but something was not quite right… Time passed, and you decided to let go of your VA and return to a traditional hiring approach, which undoubtedly led to […]

What Does It Mean When We Say “Top 1 %” of Virtual Assistants

When it comes to improving your life and your business, you want the best. People always want the “best option” available. In an ocean of interconnected companies and businesses, sometimes, an overwhelming feeling of saturation can make it difficult for you to find those constantly sought-out precious best options. Maybe you’ve searched for upgrades to […]

4 Eye-Opening Virtual Assistants’ Success Stories

With a little look back, we all can quickly identify the circumstances and situations that positively impact our personal and professional lives. Success stories are one of the most powerful sources of inspiration. Making decisions after knowing someone in a similar position as yourself manages to succeed has become increasingly more common and effective.  In […]

12 Staffing Resolutions To Conquer 2024

As another year of hard work comes to an end, the time for festivities and celebrations officially begins. Teams, families, and communities gather to spend quality time together and acknowledge dedication and achievements. One common and powerful instance where people share resolutions is during the New Year’s parties.  Commitment to becoming healthier, working out more […]

Including Your Virtual Team in Office Holiday Celebrations

The holiday season is pretty much upon us. Businesses worldwide are preparing internal celebrations to acknowledge a year of hard work and commitment. It is the perfect time to build a stronger bond between your staff and an excellent opportunity to relax, have fun, and get excited for the upcoming year. However, with the rise […]

4 Powerful End-Of-Year Staffing Tips

The last few weeks of the year is a time when some of the last business decisions are made that will impact their objectives for next year. Many law firm owners might get caught in the last hassle of the year, but others will delegate their last pending to-dos to their team in order to […]

Client Happiness Coordinator: The Power of Keeping Your Clients Enamored With Your Law Firm

Business relationships have always been an integral part of achieving and maintaining success. Just like any other relationship, nurturing, communication, respect, and trust are essential components needed to maintain a long-lasting commitment. In today’s world, we are more communicative than ever. Thanks to technology advancements, we can instantly send messages to pretty much anyone, anywhere […]