Innovative Staffing Solutions for Law Firms With Brett Trembly

Our CEO and co-founder, Brett Trembly, was a special guest in the “15 Minute Podcast” hosted by Chad Franzen. Get Staffed Up is a virtual staffing company that helps lawyers delegate their way to freedom. GSU has become the largest virtual staffing solution for lawyers in the US. Listen to this podcast and learn about […]

Webinar Recap – “Firm Within a Firm with Brooke Lively”

This past August at Get Staffed Up, we hosted an incredible webinar with expert guest Brooke Lively. She is CEO and Founder of Cathedral Capital, a team of CFOs and Profitability Strategists who help entrepreneurs turn their businesses into profitable companies. After earning her MBA in Investments and Corporate Finance, Brooke built a 7- figure […]

Incremental Systems for Hiring and Task Delegation With Brett Trembly

Our CEO and co-founder, Brett Trembly, was a special guest in the “Systems Simplified Podcast”, hosted by Adi Klevit. He discussed the business principles outlined in his newest book, “24 Months to Freedom.” Learn how law firms and business owners can find a detailed roadmap that will lead them to higher profit margins and greater […]

Unlocking Success: How Staffing Solutions Can Shape the Trajectory of Legal Startups

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, achieving new heights in their respective industries sometimes only happens in their dreams. The same stands for some law firm owners, who find themselves constantly buried beneath endless minor tasks and juggling countless roles. When confronted with a burnout reality, they wonder what’s the missing ingredient to craft the […]

Brett Trembly: Staffing Up Your Law Firm

Our CEO and co-founder, Brett Trembly, was a special guest in the “Be That Lawyer with Fretzin” hosted by Steve Fretzin. Talking about scheduling time off, not dropping agreements with yourself, and the necessity to delegate in order to achieve peace of mind and freedom. In order to grow your firm, you need to delegate […]

Mastering the Art of September

For a lot of law firms and business owners, once the month of September starts, it automatically means the year is about to wrap up. However, once September starts, it also means we have officially kickstarted the high season. Noticeably characterized by increased caseloads, approaching deadlines, and all the year’s end preparations, high season is […]

Celebrating Labor Day: Recognizing The Workforce Behind Law Firms and Businesses

Once September starts, people start to prepare barbecues and gatherings amongst peers, friends, and family. However, Labor Day was initially designed in 1887 to honor workers as part of the American organized labor movement. Over time, the celebration began to recognize all American workers. This time, the unofficial summer’s end comes in the form of […]

Legal Events You Shouldn’t Miss This Fall

For law firm owners, staying ahead means seizing opportunities, being in the vanguard, and networking with fellow business owners. Legal events are one of the best ways to stay updated with the latest trends, news, and updates regarding the legal landscape. Expanding your professional connections in great events can provide you and your firm with […]

Candid Convos with Chris Mullins

It’s Candid Convos time! That’s right, the show where our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator), interviews great attorneys and business leaders. For this episode, please welcome Chris Mullins! A nationally recognized author and speaker on law firm lead conversion. Chris is also the founder and CEO of Intake Academy, which has helped more […]

The Tale of the 7 VAs (Part 2)

GSU presents the second and final part of a mini epic tale about delegation. Inspired in the works of Akira Kurosawa and John Sturges. Join Stan in his journey towards freedom as he discovers the perks of delegation and the power of teamwork. A few days have passed… The Fourth VA – Legacy Intake At […]