3 Leadership Trends for 2023

Great leaders are people whose vision, drive, and commitment inspire others to become better versions of themselves. Thanks to their social skills, they encourage employees to strive for greatness and also, take interest in the long-term development of their employees. As a leader yourself, you need to keep honing your skills constantly. We want to […]

Making Your Work Flow: The Secret to Managing Your Practice

Understanding your law firm’s systems is not enough to run them successfully. You’ll never be able to fully leverage the power of your team without efficient workflows. Making a good workflow will empower your team to drive files forward and deliver high-quality and, consistent results for your clients. Please join us, and learn from the […]

Get Staffed Up Announces New VP of Client Success: Michael Barnett

VP of Success Michael Barnett

December 5th, 2022, Miami, FL — Get Staffed Up is thrilled to announce that Michael Barnett has joined the team as the new Vice President of Customer Success, a.k.a. Happiness Department. Michael has over 20 years of senior leadership experience in customer success at world-class companies such as Fidelity Investments, Voya, and NexTrust. The VP […]

Candid Convos with Kellam T. Parks

Welcome back to Candid Convos! Prepare to be amazed by the vision and work ethic of the business owner, lawyer, speaker, and coach, Kellam T. Parks. Our host Joe asks some very interesting questions that you will not want to miss. Kellam’s firm ‘Parks Zeigler, PLLC’ specializes in family law, personal injury, civil litigation, credit […]

The Top 5 Tasks to Delegate to your Billing Clerk

Numbers never lie but they do create a mess when not dealt with them carefully. Whether accounting, marketing analytics, IT data, etc. Preparation and thoroughness when it comes to billing and running a successful business are beyond crucial. Billing can be overwhelming for a leader who also needs to tend to many other important aspects […]

Candid Convos with Terrell Turner

It’s that time of the week folks, it’s Candid Convo time! In this episode, our host Joe has an analytical and insightful conversation with finance expert, Terrell Turner. Terrell has a background in finance and accounting and works with law firms so they can make better money decisions, you can find all about his services […]

Run a Great Annual Retreat

As the year draws near to its conclusion, in the day-to-day world some folks are excited about the upcoming festivities. In the business world, employees are working on the final touches of their pending work and or planning for next year. Generating ideas and strategies for the upcoming year is crucial to the success of […]

Candid Convos with Neil Tyra

It’s Candid Convos time! Welcome back to the place where our host Joe has insightful conversations with amazing attorneys and business owners. In this episode, we’ll learn about the eclectic and incredible life and career of state planning attorney, Neil Tyra. Founder and owner of Tyra Law, whose distinctive business approach has elevated his practice. […]

Freedom Lifestyle Lawyers: Places to Visit this Holiday Season

One of the best feelings in the world has to be planning a vacation. The excitement of looking for a new adventure, envisioning yourself resting on a calm beach or in a quiet mountain cabin, booking tickets, and gearing up for a fantastic time. All this and more because you’ve been working hard all year […]

Rise by Lifting Others: World Kindness Day

Creating a kinder world sounds like an impossible task these days, with people constantly arguing and nations fighting each other. I only said it “sounds” like something impossible, but it is not, providing support to help the world can be done in so many ways. Being kind, rallying together for the common good, and bringing […]