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Time To Accomplish Your Goals – Start Hiring!

Vision without action is delusional. As a business owner, you are responsible for conducting and overviewing all the critical pieces that lead to your company’s growth. You understand your time is precious, and to get the most out of it, you need effective processes and great talent to delegate to. With both elements in place, wonders start to happen. For many attorneys who have started and enjoyed working with Virtual Assistants (VA), simplicity, scalability, efficiency, and profitability have become a pleasant reality. However, we’ve noticed many great law firm owners hire an incredible VA, to fix their main concerns and that’s it, they stick with that one position, without thinking of the possibilities to improve their firms with more than one VA. In this blog, you’ll learn about GSU’s “Fast-Track Program” and why adding more offshore muscle into your firm will skyrocket your productivity and take you to a completely new level. Strap in and prepare to enter the legal fast lane.

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Fast Track Your Practice

After working with offshore staffers, we asked some of our satisfied clients who work with more than 2 VAs what they would recommend to themselves in the past regarding offshore staffing and 90% of them said the same:

“Hire more than one VA from the beginning.” 

One of our clients, who spent a year working with a Top 1% VA from Latin America, decided she was ready to add another VA to her ranks. Thanks to her previous experience and improved processes, the onboarding process was smoother, and the new VA quickly adapted to her work style. As a law firm owner, you need to hone the skill to further increase the range of tasks to delegate. Your path to ongoing growth becomes more exciting when you realize that to truly break through the ceiling, you need to delegate better.

With the Fast-Track program you’ll get promotional rates for every new VA you add into your business. More VAs = More benefits and more profits!

Delegate and Elevate with Virtual Positions 

In 24 Months to Freedom, our CEO, co-founder, and expert delegator Brett Trembly recommends starting your path to freedom by hiring an Executive Assistant (EA).

“Your first assistant will likely be a jack of all trades.” 

When you get further down the line, you’ll want to hire more incredible people with different sets of skills to strengthen your team. By delegating, you’ll be able to focus on your legal work, and you’ll double your output without overthinking it. Your second hire should be a Receptionist who can relieve your EA from phone duties, allowing the EA to further take more off your plate.

With those key client-facing virtual positions in your practice, you are starting to feel the joy and sowing the benefits of staffing in the fast lane. Your net profit has significantly improved, and your team has gained traction. Now it’s time to establish your digital authority with a new Marketing Assistant. Get your message out on a consistent and creative basis to drive leads.

“If you need brain surgery, and the surgeon answers the phone, would you get brain surgery from that doctor?” 

Brett’s quote makes a powerful statement and highlights the importance of adding the 4th element of your offshore team, the game-changing and long-term solution, the Intake Specialist. This position follows through on inbound leads and acts as a sales screener. With your consultation setting on another level, your firm has become mightier and even more efficient. 

Brett Trembly's Book "24 Months To Freedom" announcement that the book is out!

The roadmap is clear, your objectives are set, and now it’s time to start hiring amazing offshore talent! You can learn all about our Fast-Track Program HERE. 

Would you like even more insights and recommendations regarding what positions to add? Buy “24 Months to FreedomHERE. 

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